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Is Timberlake planning to spoof Jackson stunt?

An insider reports that Timberlake will spoof the infamous Super Bowl halftime show.  Jeannette Walls Delivers the Scoop.
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Is Justin Timberlake looking to spoof Janet Jackson in a film?

The bodice-ripping ex-boybander is appearing in a flick called “Played,” says a source, who adds that Timberlake appears as both himself and Jackson in a send-up of the infamous Super Bowl incident.

“It’s a cameo in which he makes a reference to the whole thing,” says the insider, who has links to Timberlake. “This whole thing just won’t go away, so I guess he figures he might as well have fun with it.”

The movie, which will star Rob Schneider of “50 First Dates,” is a comedy about the world of celebrity and also has cameos from Adam Sandler and Ashton Kutcher, says the source.

Timberlake’s spokesman flatly denies the story. But the Internet Movie Database has Timberlake playing “Justin/Janet” on the movie “Played.” Weird coincidental hoax? “I don’t know what the [heck] this is,” his rep told The Scoop. “But it’s not true.”

Different views of Electra photo shoot

Carmen Electra poses during her guest appearance on MTV's TRL UK, at the MTV Studios in Camden, north London Monday March 15 2004. Carmen currently appears in the "Starsky and Hutch" film, alongside Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller. Anthony Harvey / PA

Carmen Electra threw a diva fit at a photo shoot, a source claims, but her rep says it was the photo crew that was misbehaving.

The “Scary Movie” star was in London to promote her new flick, “Starsky & Hutch.”

“We were told we would have her for three hours, and then the publicists kept negotiating the time down to 20 minutes,” says a source at the shoot. “We arrived with all these beautiful designer clothes, but she refused to wear any of them and insisted on wearing jeans and an ugly striped sweater and refused to put on a dress, saying she hadn’t shaved.  . . . We were told she would be camera-ready and she arrived with virtually no makeup and greasy hair and her complexion looked terrible. Maybe she’s trying to change her image because she flatly refused to do anything that would make her look pretty or sexy, and she was very uncooperative and the whole thing was a disaster. We ended up not using the photos.”

Electra’s spokesman tells an entirely different story. He laughs off talk that Electra was being high-handed or uncooperative or wasn’t camera ready, saying she’d been doing press all day. “They were told they would get 20 minutes and when we get there, they have all these racks of clothing,” he tells The Scoop. “They think they can convince us to give more time — and God bless them for thinking that — but I don’t like it when we have an agreement and people try to switch the agreement.”

Notes from all over

Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz arrive for the UK Premiere ofBruno Vincent

Did Scientology come between Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz? A source who knows the couple, but has not talked with either since they announced that they were no longer an item, says that Penelope Cruz was “dragging her feet” when it came to converting to Cruise’s controversial religion. “She had taken some courses, but she was resisting taking the plunge and there was no way they’d stay together unless she converted,” says the source, who points out that Scientology is rumored to have been a factor in Cruise’s split from ex-wife Nicole Kidman. “I hear that [Cruz’s] family was very much opposed to Scientology.”  . . . Charlotte Church has turned down a $2 million offer to pose in the buff for a men’s mag, according to reports. Apparently, her mother didn’t approve.   . . . “NYPD Blue” may not be so blue anymore, thanks to Janet Jackson. Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who plays Det. John Clark, Jr. on the long-running show, says that a scene recently got censored that would have made it on the air more than a decade ago. “One of the things with our show, and I feel that we’ve kinda gotten slammed by this whole Janet Jackson thing ... I don’t know if we’re going to be able to show what we’d like to show on ‘NYPD Blue’ because of everything that’s going on right now ... it’s really silly,” Gosselaar tells Sharon Osborne on her talk show in an episode to be broadcast tomorrow. “They blacked out three seconds of our show ... because we showed a woman sitting up — you couldn’t see anything, but you could see a silhouette of something...We were able to show things 11 years ago that we’re not allowed to show now.” 

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