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Former nanny tells all about Jon Gosselin

Stephanie Santoro says she and Jon had a relationship shortly after he filed for divorce from Kate in June. And although it didn’t last long, Santoro tells In Touch they became “very close.”
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Jon Gosselin asked that the press “please write something nice about me” as he walked the red carpet at the In Touch Weekly VMA after party. Well, it doesn’t look like his wish was granted — so long as you define “nice” as “things not having to do with other women I’ve had flings with before my divorce from Kate is final.”

One of the Gosselin’s former nannies, Stephanie Santoro, says she and Jon had a relationship shortly after he filed for divorce from Kate in June. And although it didn’t last long, Santoro tells In Touch they became “very close.”

“We would lie in bed and talk about the future. He would say how he wanted to make sure my daughter and I would always be OK, and how he would take care of me. There was no talk about marriage, but we did talk about being together,” according to the interview.

If this is getting confusing — Jon was also linked to former reporter Kate Major and Hailey Glassman, the daughter of his wife’s plastic surgeon — Santoro fits in a timeline shared with Glassman. “I don’t think he has ever been apart from Hailey. … I know they’ve broken up before. I didn’t know their current status. We talked about it, and he had told me that things were very weird and strange and he would explain it to me, but he didn’t want to hurt me in the process,” she told In Touch.

Gerard Butler explains Aniston relationship There’s been more than a few reports linking Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler since the two began shooting “The Bounty” in New York. Now that they’ve finished filming and they’re still spending time together, expect the rumors to continue. Which is why Gerard Butler decided to do a little of bit clarifying on the subject.

“Jennifer is one of the coolest women I’ve ever met,” Butler told Us Weekly. “She’s so smart.” But what of rumors that there’s a relationship? “There’s absolutely nothing behind them. We’ve become very dear friends.”

Jermaine Jackson wants you to notice him Jermaine Jackson seemed to know very little about his sister Janet’s tribute to Michael, just prior to her VMA performance, and sources close to Janet confirm that is the case.

“Jermaine is just doing everything he can to stay in the spotlight,” said one of them.

Celebrity Sightings

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Celebrity Sightings

Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. on the "Let's Be Cops," red carpet, Selena Gomez is immortalized in wax and more.

And so it continues: Jermaine’s been spotted in several New York-area Starbucks trying to drum up attention. A witness at one said he was “looking around, waiting for someone to notice him.”

Another Jackson family source said Jermaine “hoped he’d get some good exposure while he was in New York, and that would hopefully help him get some acts to show up at his tribute concert for Michael.”

Keeping tabs: Patrick Swayze in memoriam

Patrick Swayze

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Patrick Swayze

Actor never put baby in the corner and wasn't afraid to don a dress for the many films throughout his career.

Since he was first diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, a close watch was kept on Patrick Swayze’s health. That said, his death still came as a surprise. But unlike some celebrity deaths, the more anecdotes that have been told since his passing, the more nostalgic people seem to be for the “Dirty Dancing,” “Point Break” and “Roadhouse” years. Which is why People magazine and Us Weekly will have the most successful weeks on the newsstand.

Among the rest of the competition, no two other titles share the same subject: Life & Style has the sisters Lohan, In Touch has Jon Gosselin’s affair and Star links Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston “for real.”

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