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Happily ever after? Not really, many wives say

Woman's Day and AOL Living surveyed more than 35,000 women to find out how they feel about their husbands and marriages. The results? Wedded bliss isn’t always so blissful.
/ Source: Woman's Day

All you need is love? Lennon and McCartney may have thought so, but women know better. Ask any of us and we’ll readily admit that wedded bliss isn’t always so blissful. That’s just one of the secrets more than 35,000 women revealed when Woman’s Day and AOL Living teamed up to find out what really goes on behind closed doors.

McDreamy? More like McCharmingWomen share what they find most alluring about their men. Numbers expressed are in percentages.

The fairy tale fantasyWe can’t get enough of those “boy meets girl and the rest is history” stories in the movies, but destiny and fate don’t play much of a role in real-life love. At least that’s what the majority of you think.

When asked whether you think your husband is your soul mate, 52% of you said no.

For better or worseAlthough a whopping 72% of you have considered leaving your husband at some point, and more than half of you (57%) sometimes regret marrying him, you’re still in it for the long haul: 71% of you expect to be married to your spouse for the rest of your life.

Wow! More than half of you are bored in bed or can’t even remember the last time you got intimate? No wonder an overwhelming 79% of you want to have sex more often!

Should divorces be harder to get? 54% said no, while 46% said yes.

Do you consider flirting cheating? 60% said no, 40% said yes.

Do you trust your husband? 66% said yes, 34% said no.

Are men like fine wine?Apparently not. Nearly half of you (46%) admit that your husband has changed for the worse since you said “I do.” About a quarter of you (26%) are luckily married to men who’ve actually gotten better with age. And the rest? 28% of you say your spouse is the same as the day you married him.

Should couples stay together for the sake of the children, no matter what? 79% of you said no, 21% said yes.