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Mickey Rourke visits Russian prison

Mickey Rourke's tour of a Russian prison led to speculation that he's prepping to play a Russian supervillain in the "Iron Man" movie sequel.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Is Mickey Rourke already prepping for his rumored role in “Iron Man 2?”

Though Rourke is only in talks to play Russian supervillian Whiplash, the actor appears to be attempting to get a leg up on the Marvel Comics’ character.

On Friday, he toured the Butyrka prison in Moscow, Russia. During his time behind bars, the actor visited with guards, strolled the grounds and even tested out the prison beds.

On Sunday, Ain’t It Cool News caught up with “Iron Man 2” director Jon Favreau at SXSW film festival where the director alluded to the possible casting of the actor.

“I can’t confirm any casting stuff because there have been no [official] announcements made,” he said. “The people that have deals should all be finalized in our cast this week.”

Though Jon could not confirm the Mickey casting news, he did not deny reports of “The Wrestler” actor landing the role.

“There are no big surprises in casting coming that I can foresee. It’s going to be a really, really good group of people and a story that takes advantage of our cast,” he said.