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Tyra Banks has White House dreams

When Tyra Banks posed as Michelle Obama in Harper's Bazaar, it wasn't only because of her love of the Obamas, Banks has visions of becoming First Lady, says a source.

Why did Tyra Banks dress as Michelle Obama for a recent Harper’s Bazaar photo spread?

There’s a simple answer (publicity) and then there’s another theory that a close friend of Banks' is bandying about.

“I think she actually could see herself in the White House,” says the friend. “No, not as president, but first lady? She’d love nothing more.”

In the Harper’s Bazaar interview, Banks says that, should the Obamas land in the White House, Michelle’s role is just as important as her husband’s.

“With Barack Obama, his becoming president is them becoming president because Michelle was there from the beginning," she told the magazine. “Without Michelle, he wouldn’t be there … Michelle Obama, you’re one hot mama.”

Banks has already put herself in Michelle Obama’s shoes — she’s considered her White House hairstyle and shared it with Harper's: “My question isn’t to flip or not to flip. Mine would be to weave or not to weave.”

'Ugly' role is pretty sweet for Lindsay
Linsday Lohan’s recurring role on “Ugly Betty” really is a gift to the actress.

Though the role isn’t that substantial, it is helping her repair her reputation among Hollywood industry types who had written the actress off for being too unreliable.

That said, Lohan isn’t exactly tackling Shakespeare when she plays Betty Suarez’s popular former classmate, Kimberly. Us Weekly reports that one scene involves a bagel toss of some sort.

“She’s got good aim and a great arm,” co-star Ana Ortiz told the magazine. “We all had a really good time.”

Tom Brady moves in with Gisele
Good thing Tom Brady isn’t dealing with an allegedly cursed girlfriend a la Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson.

Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. on the "Let's Be Cops," red carpet, Selena Gomez is immortalized in wax and more.

The NFL star is reportedly moving into girlfriend Gisele Bündchen’s newly renovated West Village townhouse in New York, reports In Touch.

That doesn’t mean a wedding to the Brazilian supermodel is on the horizon. According to a source who spoke to the magazine, “He’s moving in soon, but no wedding yet — this is just the next step.”

Meanwhile, Brady has some real estate to unload. His $18 million Time Warner Center condo, which went on the market last year, hasn’t been sold.

The magazine says Brady is also looking for an offseason home in L.A. so he can be closer to John, his one-year-old son with ex Bridget Moynahan.

Weekend box office
This weekend, my friends, is the weekend we’ll finally see “The Dark Knight” leave the No.1 spot and tumble all the way to No. 2. Why? Seth Rogen’s slacker/pot film “Pineapple Express” opens, and it will attract every guy who’s already seen “Dark Knight” once or twice. “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2,” I’m afraid, doesn’t stand much of a chance. I suspect this won’t make America Ferrera happy — she filmed the first iteration of “Traveling Pants” back before hitting it big as “Ugly Betty”; this film won’t reflect her current star status.

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