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No easy delivery for Jolie-Pitt baby photos

Knox and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, born on July 12 in France, made their American photo debut on on Sunday, but it took weeks of negotiating and a very fat check before that moment finally came.

It’s probably safe to say that no twins on the planet have ever showed their faces in as dramatic a fashion as Vivienne and Knox Jolie-Pitt. The twins, born on July 12 in France, made their American photo debut on on Sunday, but it took weeks of negotiating and a very fat check before that moment finally came.

According to sources close to the photo exclusive, the negotiations were more difficult than those for previous Jolie-Pitt children.

“OK! (Magazine) was in a much better position than ever before to be in the game,” said the source. The source confirms that the $15 million range reported was not off base, figuring, “Price per twin, you’re looking at about $7 million each.”

Another source claims that reports the couple turned down a much higher offer from OK! and accepted less money from People are false. “That’s a lie. Negotiating ended and People won. There was no $20 million offer.”

While People has the North American rights to the twins' photos, Hello magazine was part of the deal, and its cover calls the photos a “world exclusive.” According to the Associated Press, the money received by the actors is being donated to a foundation created by Pitt and Jolie that largely focuses on helping children worldwide.

Any celebrity baby-photo deal has strings attached, and this case is no different. “There wasn’t going to be any big sit-down with the entire family for this one,” says the source. “There were going to be quotes given for use, but no true interview.”  When it's pointed out that the text does in fact read like an interview, the source says, “Things can always change at the last minute.”

Reportedly, one condition of the photo deal was that the victorious magazine would have to agree to no longer refer to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as “Brangelina.”

“It’s funny to think they actually took a cue from Jennifer Lopez, who was insisting on (not being called J.Lo),” says the source. “Stranger things have happened.”

‘Buzz’ about Witherspoon in Aldrin film
His space-traveling days might be over, but former astronaut Buzz Aldrin’s days out of the spotlight aren’t.

Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. on the "Let's Be Cops," red carpet, Selena Gomez is immortalized in wax and more.

Aldrin is in talks for a proposed film about the battles, both personal and professional, he faced after his Apollo flight, and he’s keen to have Reese Witherspoon play his wife, should the picture ever see the light of day.

Aldrin told reporters at the New York City premiere of “Fly Me To The Moon” that his wife, Lois, thinks Witherspoon would be great in the role.

“Lois likes Reese Witherspoon,” Aldrin said, “because she played a similar part in (Johnny Cash biopic) ‘Walk the Line.’”

Madonna, Demi top fit list



From singer to actress to mom, the many reincarnations of Madonna.

Say what you will about Kabbalah water, but it is one thing Madonna and Demi Moore, who both topped “Hollywood’s 10 Most Fit Women Over 40” list, have in common. The list, pulled together by celebrity trainer Joel Harper (his fitness program is featured in the bestseller, “You: On a Diet”) also includes Sharon Stone, Halle Berry, Ashley Judd and Shania Twain.
Weekend box office
I was correct about this weekend’s box office — albeit by the skin of my teeth. “The Dark Knight” ruled the No. 1 spot for a third straight week; its $43.8 million take was just enough to squeak by this weekend’s big new release, “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor,” which made $42.4 million. “Swing Vote” was a major disappointment: The Kevin Costner flick made only $6.3 million.

SightingsIn New York: James Blunt showed up at Dune in Southampton on Aug. 1 with friends from his record label. “He danced all night long. The girls in the club caught on that he was there and tried to catch his attention but he just hung out with his friends and really had a fun night,” says an eyewitness. At the July 29 Belvedere Rehearsals on the Bowery featuring Diego Garcia, Lindsay Lohan spent some quality time with the entire Ronson clan. Samantha Ronson's mom, Ann Dexter Jones, and her brother, Mark Ronson, were enjoying cocktails out of mini-Belvedere bottles. Lindsay and Sam reportedly spent the majority of the evening huddled together at a private table smoking cigarettes, until the couple left their table midset.

In Las Vegas
Filmmaker and producer Jerry Bruckheimer partied alongside Cuba Gooding Jr. on July 31 at The Bank Nightclub at the Bellagio.

In L.A.
On July 31, Audrina Patridge and Lauren Conrad caught a performance of The White Tie Affair and drank from Venom Energy Drinks at The Roosevelt Hotel in West Hollywood.

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