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Lindsay’s back on the party bandwagon

Lohan was reportedly seen drinking Grey Goose vodka in the wee hours of Sunday morning.
/ Source: contributor

Once again, spies spotted Lindsay Lohan slipping off the wagon. In January, photogs caught Lindsay drinking champagne from the bottle. Later that same month she was seen sipping vodka cocktails while partying with pals. Now People reports the thrice-rehabbed star was back on party circuit in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

According to, the festivities started at midnight, as LiLo and her DJ pal Samantha Ronson arrived at the Times Square Hawaiian Tropic Zone bash. While Samantha took care of the music, Lindsay kicked off the night in the VIP section talking to pals and smoking.

Lindsay spent the bulk of her party time on the dance floor and, allegedly, downing Grey Goose and Red Bull cocktails. The site reports the “I Know Who Killed Me” star was “tossing her hair around and doing full body rolls” to Madonna’s latest track, “4 Minutes,” before packing it in at 4:15 a.m.

Benji tells pals he plans to marry ParisThere’s no slowing down the whirlwind relationship between Benji Madden and Paris Hilton. The two went from non-item to solid couple back in February, and now Benji’s telling friends he wants to pop the question.

“They feel like they’ve known each other for a lifetime,” a pal of the pair told In Touch. “Benji’s already told his whole band that he wants Paris to be his wife and have his children. He says he has never felt like this in his life.”

The feeling is mutual, according to the source. “(Paris) finally found someone she wants to keep forever. She wants a big, beautiful, elaborate ceremony — a fairytale wedding, like something out of a Disney movie.”

Mischa isn’t buying the body bashingWhen a somewhat unflattering photo hit the web, Mischa Barton found herself the subject of body bashing. Apparently, Mischa’s not one to sit back and let the “fat” comments fly, as Life & Style reports she responded by putting on a string bikini and giving the paparazzi a closer look.

“Mischa is very secure in who she is and what she looks like,” a friend told the magazine. “Of course there are going to be unflattering pictures out there when you’re photographed all the time, but she’s confident enough not to let it bother her.”

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Another pal admits Mischa’s sporting a fuller figure, and that’s good news. “She may have gained a few pounds, but she actually thinks she looks better this way and feels great about her body. She is absolutely not fat.

“She knows that in this town, if you aren’t anorexic, someone is bound to call you overweight. She doesn’t put any stock in it and thinks it’s sad that some girls in Hollywood are starving themselves to get as skinny as possible.”

Dish on the flyIn his new movie “Deception,” Ewan McGregor filmed so many loves scenes it wore him out. “I’d be introduced to a girl, do sex scenes with her, go back to my dressing room, have coffee, come back, then it’s ‘Hello, I’m Ewan’ to another girl, clothes off and off we go,” the actor said in a quote posted to Digital Spy. “I’ve done my fair share of sex scenes in my career, believe me. But this was something else.” … Rebecca Romijn is ready to join the baby bump masses. “(I want to get) fat as a hog and all knocked up,” she told her friends. The National Enquirer reports that hubby Jerry O’Connell is thrilled about his wife’s ambition. “Jerry’s already window-shopping baby stuff online and keeps peppering her with baby names,” a friend said.

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