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Britney has a shrine to Timberlake

“She’s obsessed with him,” a source told OK! “She has pictures of them together and has devoted a private area just to celebrate him.”
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Thanks to the actions of father-cum-conservator Jamie Spears, Britney spends most of her time at home nowadays. That can’t be easy for the pop star, who previously devoted every night to public outings under the watchful eye of the paparazzi. According to OK! magazine, Britney’s already grown tired of “house arrest” in the Mediterranean-style villa she calls home.

With no late-night lighter runs or fast-food fixes, Britney’s limited to whatever entertainment she can find. Apparently trying different outfits is one of her new favorite activities. “Changing clothes all day long must seem harmless enough, so her dad doesn’t interfere with that,” a friend told the magazine.

Though it may seem surprising given the disorder in the rest of her life, Britney keeps her place tidy. “Her life may seem out of control, but the inside of her house is very ordered,” another Brit pal shared. “She’s very clean and has no clutter.”But the real shocker by far has to be the presence of a shrine devoted to Britney’s long since ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake. “She’s obsessed with him,” a source told OK! “She has pictures of them together and has devoted a private area just to celebrate him.”

Ashlee opens up about plastic surgeryAfter fashion fixes, hair changes and a not-so-subtle nose job, Ashlee Simpson hardly resembles her former self. In an interview with Us Weekly, Jessica’s little sister explained why she resorted to makeover magic and how she sees herself now.

“I used to look at a beautiful girl on the cover of a magazine and think I could never be that,” Ashlee, this week’s Us cover girl, confessed.

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Some stars may prefer to keep their cosmetic tweaks to themselves, but the 23-year-old singer doesn’t bother denying her nose job. “I think as long as people have two eyes, then you probably know the answer.”

But as for anyone else considering going under the knife, Ashlee warned, “(Plastic surgery) is something that everybody should think about for a really long time. Once you know it’s something you really feel comfortable with, then to each their own.”

Despite all the drastic changes, Ashlee assured Us Weekly she never had a big problem with her old appearance. “I was never really unhappy with how I looked, (and) I don’t think I am more beautiful than I was (before). I just see the same old goofy girl I see every day.”

Dish on the flyA Canadian doctor who specializes in cosmetic injections believes Nicole Kidman gives Botox a bad name, the Daily Mail reports. “(Nicole) looks like a bat with too much of an (outer) brow lift,” Dr. Martin Braun told an audience of his colleagues. In fact, the doc thinks most celebs overuse the forehead fixer. “Everything is accentuated on camera so I would say they should be going much easier than they are so they don’t look like a doe caught in headlights.” … After celebrating her last birthday, Kate Bosworth really started to feel her age. “I just turned 25, which was a weird one,” the “Superman Returns” actress explained to Marie Claire. “I feel like I had this quarter-century crisis. Whenever I said before that I was 21 or 22, everyone would say, ‘Oh, see, you’re so young.’ And all of a sudden, you hit 25, and people say, “Oh, right, uh, OK.’ And you’re like, ‘Uh, what do you mean?’” … Hollywood hotties barely stand a chance with Carson Daly. The “Last Call” host, who was once engaged to Tara Reid, avoids relationships with women in the biz. “I’m not dating,” Carson told People magazine. “I’m single. I haven’t had very much luck with the Hollywood starlets so I’ve tried to stay away from (them).”

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