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Rumor has it Aniston’s found love on the set

Tidbits: “(Jennifer and Aaron Eckhart are) getting along so great that everyone on the set is gossiping about something more going on between them," an insider told the Daily Mail.
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In the upcoming romantic flick “Traveling,” Jennifer Aniston stars opposite leading man Aaron Eckhart, but the Daily Mail reports the love affair may not be limited to the big screen.

“(Jennifer and Aaron are) getting along so great that everyone on the set is gossiping about something more going on between them," an insider told the Daily Mail. “They're just so in sync all the time. And Jen's entire reason for doing this movie was Aaron.”

Apparently Aaron, who broke it off with his longtime love Ashley Wicks before filming, specifically requested Jen for the role of his love interest.

“I think the fact that both of them have been single for a couple of months is contributing to the chemistry they have on this film, even when they aren't shooting,” the on-set source explained. “They genuinely enjoy each other's company.”

Nicole struggling with motherhoodThe demands of motherhood are taking their toll on Nicole Richie. Just a little more than a month after giving birth to her daughter, Harlow, the “Simple Life” star is battling postpartum panic and reaching out to her father, reports the National Enquirer.

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“Just recently, Nicole called Lionel, and his assistant told him it was an emergency,” an insider revealed to the magazine. “When Lionel frantically answered the phone, Nicole was crying and freaking out because the baby seemed sick, and she didn’t know what to do.”

Offering the advice of an experienced parent, Lionel talked her through the frightening moment. “He calmly told her to watch Harlow, and if she developed a fever she should take her to see the doctor. Later, Nicole called to say thank you — that everything was OK. It was just a little gas.”

According to the Enquirer’s source, Nicole calls her father night and day with constant worries. “Lionel says Nicole is trying really hard, but she keeps overreacting. She is probably not getting a lot of sleep, which doesn’t help.”

Dish on the flyWhile dining at a Los Angeles eatery last weekend, a restless Britney Spears was spotted wandering around, but never alone. According to Page Six, Brit’s dad and co-conservator Jamie insists bodyguards must never let the pop star out of their sight. “She continuously got up from the table to go to the bathroom or hang out at the bar and smoke a cigarette,” a spywitness told Page Six. “Bodyguards followed her to the bathroom and bar.” … Starring in the Broadway revival of “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” provides an extra delight for James Earl Jones. In addition to the thrill of portraying Big Daddy in the adaptation of the Tennessee Williams play, the two-time Tony award winner loves the opportunity to curse onstage, reports Star Pulse. “I love this role and I think this is an ideal time to explore these issues,” the 77-year-old actor said. “(When the play was written) you couldn't say the word ‘f---’ onstage. I love saying the word ‘f---’ onstage.”

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