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Wedding bells for Brangelina?

Tidbits: The National Enquirer claims there’s a big secret Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have yet to share with the world: Angie finally said yes to his repeated proposals.
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While Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt remain tight-lipped on the subject of her growing baby bump, the National Enquirer claims there’s another big secret they’ve yet to share with the world: Angie finally said yes to Brad’s repeated proposals.

“In the past when Brad pressed her to get married, Angelina always said no because she was happy with the way things were,” a source close to the couple told the Enquirer. “But when Brad proposed again after they discovered they were having twins, she decided to follow her heart. With the babies on the way, they just felt the time was right.”

Though the details are still up the air, the insider said Brangelina are considering exchanging their vows at their beachfront Santa Barbara home in the spring.

“It will certainly occur well before Angelina gives birth, and it will be a very quiet, private affair with a few friends and close family,” the insider revealed. “Brad’s folks will be there and, of course, Angelina’s brother. But the most important guests will be the children.”

Family wants Brit to take showbiz break In an interview with the Mirror, Britney Spears’ cousin-cum-BFF Alli Sims confessed that she and other family members keep a close eye on the embattled pop star, and hope, for now, Britney leaves showbiz behind.

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“Britney desperately wanted to come out with us to party tonight but we had to tell her no,” Alli explained to the Mirror. “She needs to rein herself in. She needs to take a break from the limelight — from showbiz — and just concentrate on getting herself better, and being with her family.”

Apparently Britney gets plenty of family time nowadays, given Alli’s claim that they never leave her cousin’s side. “I was with her today and, as a family, we take it in turns to be with her and watch over her 24/7.”

Overall, Alli seemed confident that Britney is truly on the mend. “She just needs to have a break for as long as it takes until she's completely better. We are with her 100 percent of the way.”

Bobby Brown’s wee problem with Dee Snider CMT’s D-list realty show, “Gone Country,” went from real to surreal when Bobby Brown attempted to urinate on co-star Dee Snider. Splash News Online recounted the scene wherein Whitney Houston’s ex sleepwalked his way to Dee’s digs and dropped his pants.

“I’m laying in my bed and all of a sudden I hear Bobby Brown stirring,” the Twisted Sister frontman explained. “He started walking over to my night table and he was getting his junk out.

“First of all I thought I was going to be raped by Bobby Brown, then I was like, ‘He’s going to pee on me.’ I started snapping my fingers to get his attention and I’m shouting, ‘Bobby, Bobby, Bobby — that’s the toilet over there.’”

In the end, after a couple more sleepy missteps, including a detour to the closet, the R&B singer finally found the porcelain.

Dish on the fly No more Prada for neglectful cat-mom Paris Hilton. Paris dropped little Prada off at the vet nearly two weeks ago, and TMZ reports the heirhead never went back for her kitty. Kris Kelly, who runs the shelter that arranged Prada’s adoption, reclaimed the cat, citing “a clear-cut case of abandonment.” Camp Paris denies the story, saying it’s nothing more than a publicity stunt on Ms. Kelly’s part. … In an interview with Best Life magazine, ladies’ man John Mayer described his vision of Ms. Right. “I want a woman who doesn’t hear ‘How are you?’ as ‘I would like you to come up with something dramatic now that will allow me to sit in front of you and give you more attention than I would have if you had just said ‘No complaints.’” The verbose singer-songwriter then added, “When I find the person I can relate to on that level and who is also a pinup and who also says ‘Can I please take pictures of your ass?’ then I am going to get married to her. That I can promise you.”

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