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Double trouble: Ashley can’t stand Mary-Kate

Tidbits:  There’s trouble brewing between celebrity siblings Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, as one twin’s bad behavior threatens to drive the other one away.
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There’s trouble brewing between celebrity siblings Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, as one twin’s bad behavior threatens to drive the other one away.

“(The sisters are) going through a rough patch right now,” one insider told Star magazine “Ashley can’t stand Mary-Kate. She will always love her, but she can’t deal with all her issues and scary mood swings. Mary-Kate is tough to be around — even for her sister.”

While Ashley isn’t sharing her particular Mary-Kate beefs with the world, another Star source revealed MK’s “tiny dictator” ways. “She knows she’s incredibly famous, and she knows that’s a weapon she can use to get what she wants. Whenever I’ve seen her at parties, she orders people around.”

One night in particular, at NYC’s Bungalow 8 nightclub, Mary-Kate allegedly ordered an unknown patron to get her some cigarettes. “He didn’t have any and she just looked at him, then said, ‘F--k you.’” The secondhand source added, “Later that night she tried to kiss him. He said, ‘You told me off and now you want to kiss me?’ She just said, ‘Huh?’ like she wasn’t all there. The guy also said she was putting her cigarettes out in other people’s drinks!”

Britney’s pap posse fears new arrivals
Getting run over on the job is no longer the No. 1 fear for paparazzi in pursuit of Britney Spears. According to the New York Daily News, photogs now worry about the Crips and Bloods, otherwise known as “the new guys on the beat,” bringing added danger to the daily Britney free-for-all.

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“I've heard stories of fights, of car tires being slashed, cars being blocked in,” former Splash lensman Nick Stern told the paper. But despite reports of L.A. gang involvement, none of the agencies the Daily News spoke with admitted hiring them.

“They may dress like gang members with large pants and tattoos, but to say they're gang members right now, well, real gang members are not into Britney Spears,” X17’s Frank Navarre assured. “I think red carpet is worse. I used to do red carpet myself, and one guy broke my camera.”

LiLo and Paris fight over Timbaland Reporters from the Mirror had front-row seats to Grammy night’s hottest performance. No, it wasn’t Kanye West’s awesome glow-in-the-dark routine — this showstopper took place at Timbaland’s big bash just before the event.

The drama began when Lindsay Lohan spotted frenemy Paris Hilton. “What the hell is that bitch doing here?” LiLo raged, while pointing at the celebutante. “I didn't know she was on the list.”

According to the paper, an equally horrified Paris replied, “F--k off, you bitch.”

The war of words started after each of the party girls attempted to get cozy with the host. “Both of them want to work with Timbaland to revive their faltering music careers,” a source close to Lindsay and Paris told the Mirror. “Both saw the party as an ideal way of getting him on side - but they didn't count on the other being there.”

Dish on the fly Apparently it’s still baby-bump season in Tinseltown, and this time it’s Demi Moore’s turn under the abdominal microscope. Witnesses spotted Demi and husband Ashton Kutcher at a Kabbalah brunch in Beverly Hills, where, according to one Life & Style source, Demi’s tummy commanded so much attention “a woman in the group patted (her) stomach and said, ‘Do you know what it is?’” Another spy watched the actress as she “covered her belly with her coat.” Alas, a friend of the couple told L&S it’s doubtful there’s a baby in the bump. “They’re focusing on adoption or surrogacy instead.” … One lucky admirer landed a kiss from soccer stud David Beckham, but her luck ran out when she landed on the floor. Not to worry, People reports the L.A. Galaxy player handled the fainting fan like a pro. “He looked like it was an ordinary, everyday thing,” a witness told the magazine. “He just said, ‘Get her some water. She'll be OK.’”

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