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Is Timberlake taunting Janet Jackson in song?

Remember that infamous Super Bowl incident with Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake? Apparently it's created a rift between the two singers, and Timberlake may be making it worse with a song.
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Does Justin Timberlake dis Janet Jackson in an upcoming song?

That’s what some fans and foes are saying after Timberlake’s “Give It To Me” was leaked to the Internet. In the song — which the former Mouseketeer sings with Timbaland and Nelly Furtado — Timberlake sings: 

“Could you speak up and stop mumbling?/I don’t think you came in clear/When you’re sitting on the top/it’s hard to hear you from way up there/I saw you tryin’ to act cute on TV/Just let me clear the air/We missed you on the charts last week/[Bleep] that’s right, you wasn’t there.”

People are buzzing that Timberlake is referring to Jackson’s appearance on Oprah Winfrey’s show, when she discussed the boob-baring incident, and wasn’t entirely kind to her former friend and singing partner. She said that Timberlake has reached out to her but that she hasn’t spoken to him since Nipplegate.

“Justin is totally ragging on Janet,” one poster noted on LiveJournal. Blogged another: “As far as I’m concerned, Timberlake is just playing around and being ‘street’ like the big man he is.”

Timberlake’s rep wasn’t available for comment at press time.

Michael's diva demands
Meanwhile, Janet Jackson’s big brother caused a stir overseas with his big backstage demands.

Michael Jackson , and is said to have had one of the most expensive concert riders ever. Jacko's set of demands cost WMA more than $470,000, according to the London Mirror, and included a private jet and 20 first-class and business-class plane tickets for his entourage — as well as an entire five-star hotel for almost $100,000 a night.

Jackson had 30 children in tow, and reportedly had a wall knocked down between two hotel suites for a playroom for the kiddies. “Yes, it’s eccentric but he wants to create a homey environment for them,” a source told the paper.

Despite his pricey demands, Jackson’s food requests were apparently less expensive than most of the other stars performing that night: he allegedly asked for KFC.

Notes from all overNow that it’s been confirmed that O.J. Simpson is writing a book how he hypothetically would have killed his ex-wife and her friend, Barbara Walters revealed on “The View” that after signing a non-disclosure agreement, she was offered an exclusive interview with Simpson about the book. She declined.  . . . Bow Wow, the 19-year-old rapper who’s about to come out with his fifth and possibly final studio album, says he wants to become a rap impresario and may be the next Diddy. “I say give me ten years to keep doing what I’m doing,” he told Rap-Up, “and hopefully I can be bigger than Puff.”  . . .Kirstie Alley says she’s down to 145 pounds; 68 percent of In Touch Weekly readers who responded to a poll don’t believe her.

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