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Ahoy, matey! Check out the latest nautical looks

It'll be smooth sailing with this summer trend. Dannielle Romano, editor-at-large at, highlights the season's must-have fashions.
/ Source: TODAY

You don't need to be sailing on the ocean to wear nautical fashions. Dannielle Romano, editor-at-large at and contributor to “Daily Candy A to Z,” offers tips for this popular summer trend.

The ocean, sailors, yachts, docks and everything in between have inspired fashion for ages. Think especially of Coco Chanel's groundbreakingly chic sportswear for women in the 1920s — all sailor stripes, deck pants, and rope accents. Part sailing-club chic, part longshoremen and stevedores, it's a timeless look that's back with a vengeance this summer. Designers of all sorts have incorporated nautical touches into this season's looks.

It's a really easy yet elegant look, whatever your idea of summer fun. With breezy white pants, a black-and-white striped top, and classic docksiders, the look transcends boats and beaches and is most appropriate (and less costumey) worn away from its roots. It's a nod, and is best executed subtly, without looking like you raced from your job on the docks to the cocktail party.

Whatever trend you're rocking, you never want to do it head-to-toe, or in this case, look like you're channeling "Pirates of the Caribbean." Try a nautical-inspired top with a simple skirt you already own. A necklace with nautical flags or an anchor charm looks great with any summer sweater or babydoll dress. Pull out a piece and layer it into your everyday look. Try deck-inspired shoes with a jean skirt.

The nautical look is different from beachy. Beachy is Miami and suntan lotion, bikinis, sarongs, tanks and towels. Nautical takes its cues from swarthy sailors, like Gatsby goes yachting and glamorous, fabled seaside towns like Portofino. It's not what we would wear to the beach, like a caftan or cover-up, but it's a look inspired by what seafaring people wore to work, translated to be comfortable and modern.

Nautical colors include lots of crisp, clean whites, as in sailors' whites, and horizontal stripes in black-and-white or navy-and-white, like traditional European seamen would wear. Solid colors include blues inspired by the sky and the sea, the bright red of the starboard flare,  and black like the night sky.

Accessories are a smart and easy way to enjoy this look. A porthole necklace, like the ones from Isabelle Bijoux, a charm bracelet with nautical flags or a bag made of sailcloth adds some fun to your office uniform.

Nautical ... at the office

  • “Yes, Officer!” dress and matching jacket by Hazlenut at, $149
  • “Leonard” boat bag from, $335
  • “Porthole” necklace from, $225 and up
  • Red canvas and rope wedges from S&J at, $175

Nautical ... at dinner with colleagues

  • “Bistro” top from, $88
  • “Shon” sailor jeans by Anlo from Nordstrom or Intermix, $244
  • “Benten” deck shoes from, $89
  • Nautical charm bracelet from, $55
  • Tote bag from Louis Vuitton, $675

Nautical ... for men

  • “Ahoy Matey!” T-shirt from, $22
  • “Sailor's Red” plain-front pants from, $78
  • “Surf Blue” harbor vest from, $85
  • LV cup sunglasses from Louis Vuitton, $275
  • Whale flops from, $39.50
  • “Diver Down” tote from, $75

Nautical ... at brunch with the girls

  • Whale hoodie from, $50
  • “Cabin boy” shorts by Charlotte Ronson from, $141
  • Sleeveless, striped boatneck by L.A.M.B. from, $175
  • Sailcloth tote from, $95
  • “Bateau” LV cup shoes from Louis Vuitton, $450
  • “Porthole” necklace from, $225 and up

Nautical ... for the weekend

  • Seagull-print sea-blue jumper from, $165
  • Rope-tied sweater jacked from, $65
  • Yellow canvas and rope wedges from S&J at, $175
  • Fisherman's tote by Charlotte Ronson, $129