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Nicole Kidman striving for a press-free wedding

The security behind Nicole Kidman’s wedding plans are sounding like script details from some spy flick.
File photo of actress Nicole Kidman arriving at Academy Awards in Hollywood
Nicole Kidman arrives at the 78th annual Academy Awards at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California in this March 5, 2006 file photo. Oscar-winning actress Kidman, ex-wife of actor Tom Cruise, says she is engaged to marry country music star Keith Urban, People magazine reported May 16, 2006. According to People, Kidman revealed her engagement while discussing her work for UNIFEM, the United Nations Development Fund for Women. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni/FilesMario Anzuoni / Reuters
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The security behind Nicole Kidman’s wedding plans are sounding like script details from some spy flick.

The “Stepford Wives” star reportedly is set to marry country crooner Keith Urban in Sydney, Australia on June 25, but elaborate measures are being taken to keep the pesky press at bay.

No paper invitations will be mailed to guests for fear they could fall into the wrong hands; instead, guests will receive e-mails and then follow-up phone calls from Kidman or Urban, according to the Daily Telegraph of Australia. What’s more, invitees won’t be told where the event will be held. Rather, they’re being instructed to be ready to be picked up by a limo.

That’s not all. Taking a page from the wedding playbook of her buddy Russell Crowe, Kidman is reportedly looking to discourage media coverage of her nuptials by releasing both footage and still photos of her wedding to the press. The couple will give the media two pics as well as video footage of the event a few hours after the vows are said, according to the London Daily Mirror.

But just to make sure, Kidman is said to have spent $300,000 reserving all the helicopters in the Sydney area, making those aerial paparazzi shots nearly impossible. And to further frustrate the lensmen, the wedding will take place after dark.

When contacted for comment, Kidman’s publicist stuck to her policy of not commenting on the actress’s personal life.

Loose CannonNick Cannon is furious that MTV has cleaned up his language.

“They won’t let me say the ‘N-word,’” the “Wild ‘N Out” star groused to Complex magazine. “I don’t like it because on Comedy Central Dave Chappelle says it.  On ‘The Boondocks’ on Cartoon Network, they say it. And I think on MTV they’re giving that word too much respect. It’s a cultural thing. On my show I’m trying to represent my culture.”

In a wide-ranging interview, the actor/television producer/rapper talked about everything from his breakup with Christina Milian to rumors that there are sex tapes of him making the rounds. “I used to have a house in the Hollywood Hills when I was 19 [and on Nickelodeon],” he said regarding the alleged tapes. “It was me and Kenan Thompson from ‘Kenan and Kel.’ I know in my room I had the video cameras set up, and I don’t know what happened to a lot of those tapes. We were throwing parties every day.  I had to move out of L.A. because I was too wrapped up in that scene. It wasn’t really about girls’ feelings; it would just be like a contest to see how many chicks I could smash off.”

Regarding his breakup with his “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” co-star Milian, Cannon says: “I think she probably expected more from me than I was willing to give her, than I ever said I was going to give her. In the media, we were always saying we were friends, but technically we were probably more than that, and I took advantage of the situation more than I should have.” 

When asked if he was caught cheating, he said, “I wasn’t hiding nothin’.  When she did ask, ‘Were you hanging out with women?’ I was like, ‘Yeah.’  It wasn’t like, ‘You caught me!’  It was like, ‘I thought you knew.’ ”

Notes from all overCatherine Zeta-Jones seems to be having a heck of a time kicking her cigarette habit. The star said six months ago that she was giving up smoking for the sake of her children, but Brit tabs recently ran pics of her puffing away. .. . Robert Redford gave hope to fans who have been waiting for him to team up again with his “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” co-star Paul Newman. A while back, Redford bought the rights to “A Walk In the Woods” about two former college roommates who hike the Appalachian Trail together. “Butch Cassidy” aficionados hoped he’d team up with Newman for the flick. Asked to comment on it by the Toronto Star, Redford declined to discuss it because the project isn’t confirmed. But he didn’t deny it and he did say, “We both feel the same way, there’s so much hype.” .. . Illusionist Criss Angel says he was impressed by rival David Blaine’s public submersion in water — and was also impressed when he himself did it four years ago. “Well actually I did submerge myself in a thing called Oasis but in 2002.  . . . It just was weird to me to see him do exactly what I did do except for a little longer,” Angel told in . Angel was less impressed when Blaine fasted in a box: “For me, starving yourself in a box is something I think is in poor taste considering there’s people all over the world that are unfortunately dying of hunger and don’t have a choice whether to eat or not to eat.”

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