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Is K-Fed source of leaks about Britney?

Britney Spears suspects that husband Kevin Federline is responsible for some of the leaks to the tabloids about the couple's private lives.
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Britney Spears has yet another reason to be miffed at her hubby. Kevin Federline shelled out $300,000 for a wristwatch without telling his wife first, according to Us Weekly. Perhaps it's no co-incidence that that's the exact amount the aspiring rap star reportedly was paid to record an album and tour in Japan. “All he does is work on his music and try to find ways to get out,” a source told the mag. “That is all he cares about. It has taken a big toll on their marriage because he's not always there for her and he used to be.”

What's more, Spears suspects that K-Fed is responsible for some of the leaks to the tabloids about the couple's private lives. “Britney knows Kevin tells his friends information, knowing they will leak it to tabloids,” a source close to Spears told Us. She has taken to not telling her hubby certain things — including that she was going to announce her pregnancy on David Letterman — for fear the info would be leaked to his buddies. “They sell stories for money. ... She is sick of him using her for them to profit.”

What's French for ‘doofus’?Don't blame Kirsten Dunst for not knowing more about French history: it's the U.S. school system's fault. The actress stars as Marie Antoinette in Sophia Coppola's film about the Vienna-born French monarch — which has been panned by critics. The flick was booed at Cannes, and a reviewer for the London Times noted that her voice was “more Valleyspeak than Viennese.”

Dunst was asked by reporters how much she knew about French history before she made the film. “If you grow up in France, you learn about French history, and if you grow up in America the French history is a smaller paragraph in your textbook,” she told reporters. “So I didn't know an enormous amount about Marie Antoinette except for the fact that she didn't say ‘Let them eat cake’ and was beheaded. That was pretty much what I'd learned in school.”

Notes from all over
Winona Ryder
skipped Cannes, and Keanu Reeves — her co-star in “A Scanner Darkly” — says it's because that unpleasant shoplifting incident still haunts her. “Robert [Downey Jr. who also appears in the film] and I were speaking of how we miss her and wish she was here because she's such a delightful person and really good actress,” Reeves told the Toronto Sun. “But, for her to be here and have to deal with all these other kinds of questions — I don't know if she's quite ready to do that.” ... Downey, for his part, was really getting into the spirit of Cannes — sort of. “It's great to be a movie star here,” Downey told a reporter. “It's great — and it sucks. Because you really have that sense of what it's supposed to be at its fabulous best and, at the same time, it's very counterproductive to being artistic because it puts you in this narcissistic, self-satisfied state.” ... Madonna was irritated that some people at her concert weren't in the groove. At her Confessions Tour in Las Vegas, she barked at a man sitting in the front row: “If you are only going to sit there, at least you can smile.”

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