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Q&A: Firsts with James Blunt

On May 29, James Blunt will be back on “Today.” His first national network appearance was on the show. So what are some of his other firsts?
/ Source: TODAY

James Blunt's first U.S. network television performance was on “Today” last November, so we thought we would ask him a few other firsts he's had ...What was the first record you bought? “Wish You Were Here” Pink Floyd.The first concert you attended?My own at Water Rats, King's Cross, London

When you turn on your iPod, what is the first song you have to listen to?“Hard Drive” Evan Dando

How old were you when a girl broke your heart for the first time?I had a bad experience playing Kiss Chase at age 4 that has left me deeply, psychologically scarred. As a result, to this day, I have never played Kiss Chase again.

When was the first moment you realized you had become a rock star?When my mum asked me for my autograph

What was the first song you wrote for this album, “Back to Bedlam”?No Bravery in 1999

You have been on the road non-stop since the release of “Back to Bedlam.” What is the first thing you do when you get home?There is no end of tour, and I have no home, but if I did, I'd have a bath, wash my clothes and order a congratulatory pizza with pepperoni, onions and sweet corn and a can of Coke from Tops Pizza and then head to the pub.You will wake up pretty early for your “Today” show concert on May 29, what is the first thing you do every morning?Ask the girl her name.

Tune in to “Today” Monday, May 29 to watch James Blunt perform live on the Plaza as part of the “Toyota Concert Series on Today.”