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Britney’s mothering makes Pink see red

Britney Spears’ role as a mother is being questioned again — this time by an old rival.
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Britney Spears’ role as a mother is being questioned again — this time by an old rival.

The “Oops, I Did It Again” singer — who has been under attack for driving with her infant son on her lap — is being criticized by rival pop star Pink. “She’s always been disgusted by the Mickey Mousers’ values and just doesn’t understand [Britney’s] decision to rush off and have a child so quickly,” says a friend of Pink.

Pink mocks some of her pop rivals in her video “Stupid Girls,” and on her Web site blasts the “mindless epidemic of unhealthy girls out there promoting consumerism and escapism.”

And when a British tab recently asked if she was going to have a baby soon, Pink shot back, “[Bleep] no. I’m not gonna do a Britney and pop out some kids. I’m not a Happy Meal. My husband’s got the burger, but he’s not getting the fries and shake to go with it.”

Do a little turn on the catwalkAshanti accidentally became a model. The R&B star took a wrong turn at designer Alvin Valley’s show at Fashion Week in New York this week.

“[Ashanti] was waiting in the VIP room, [and] didn’t know the show had begun,” says a source. “She and her enormous bodyguard had to cross the stage to get to her seat.”

Ashanti happened to be wearing Alvin Valley’s clothes, and some in the perplexed crowd were left wondering if she was doing a slightly awkward cameo.

Elsewhere, while Paris Hilton lookalike Natalie Reid was tricking some gatekeepers into letting her into various shows, a source says she was stopped at Heatherette, a flamboyant urban designer label. The faux heiress “quickly retreated to her chauffeured SUV.”

Notes from all overJessica Alba has been selected by Playboy magazine’s readers as the Sex Star of the Year. The “Dark Angel” and “Fantastic Four” star was chosen in an on-line poll for her “allure, grace, and beauty,” according to the mag. Alba beat out other celebs including Halle Berry, Eva Longoria, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Garner, and Scarlett Johansson.  . . . “Brokeback Mountain” has an unlikely new fan. Howard Stern declared that he not only saw the flick that has been dubbed the “gay cowboy” film, but that he found it “incredibly moving.”  . . .  In less surprising Stern news, “The View” co-host Star Jones Reynolds was recently touring the studio where Stern works, but declined to be interviewed by the shock jock. 

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