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IMAGE: Alec Baldwin
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Our reader says Alec Baldwin was wrong to disobey a flight attendant and thus inconvenience other passengers.
updated 12/8/2011 8:05:15 PM ET 2011-12-09T01:05:15

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1. On "Alec Baldwin kicked off plane at L.A. airport"
Darlene Ong: "What a complete and utter jerk to make other people wait for their flight to take off because they had to go back to the gate and kick him off. When a flight attendant tells you to shut things down, you shut things down. Unless you're a complete and total moron like Baldwin."

Alec Baldwin apologizes to fellow passengers

2. On "Madonna set to tackle Super Bowl"
Daniel Morton:  "She woulda been a good choice back when they still wore leather helmets, not now!"

3. On "Will Indy die in 'Indiana Jones 5'?
Nick DeStefano: "Shia is not what was wrong with 'Indy 4.' It's George Lucas who ruins everything he touches. He ruined 'Star Wars' and now he's ruining 'Indy.' Time for Jorge to retire into the sunset with his millions of dollars and stop screwing up beloved movie franchises with his stupid, stupid ideas."

4. On ''Virgin Diaries' couple says their first time wasn't like in the movies"
Deanna Williams: "That is setting yourself up for failure. You gotta test drive the car to make sure there are no problems, geesh!"

5. On "Harry Morgan dies at 96"
Becky Masoner: "He was a great actor. Loved it when his Jeep got run over by Frank in a tank on 'M*A*S*H' and he shot the jeep to put it out of its misery."

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Video: Kicked off flight, Baldwin takes to Twitter

  1. Closed captioning of: Kicked off flight, Baldwin takes to Twitter

    >>> we want to begin this half hour with drama aboard an american airlines flight . actor alec baldwin says he was asked to leave the plane tuesday night after a dispute with a flight attendant. we've got nbc's jeff rossen covering the details for us.

    >> good morning. in the beginning of the flight when the stewardess tells you to shut off all your devices, and of course you --

    >> do it immediately.

    >> of course. we too. alec said he was playing on his ipad, i'm told it's very addictive and you play online. the flight attendant asked him to shut it off again and again and suddenly one of the funniest actors on tv was escorted right off the plane.

    >> so what happened?

    >> reporter: alec baldwin , arriving back in new york overnight, wearing sunglasses and not thrilled with the media crush there to greet him. on tv, he loves to fly.

    >> after all, isn't traveling hard enough?

    >> reporter: boy was it ever tuesday.

    >> what happened with the flight attendant and american airlines , man? just want to give your side of the story?

    >> reporter: baldwin says he got the boot after settling into his seat aboard american flight 4 at l.a.x. headed to new york. the he had his ipad out playing words with friends. it's a lot like scrabble, you play against other people online. baldwin says the flight attendant demanded he shut off his ipad multiple times. he immediately took to twitter, alerting more than half a million followers flight attendant on american reamed me out for playing words with friends while we sat at the gate, not moving. #no wonder america air is bankrupt. witnesses say he slammed the bathroom door out of anger, though these people deny it. fellow passengers say the pilot came out and security kicked baldwin off the plane.

    >> we kept seeing him get up and everyone's head is popping up and celebrity spotting. then we realized it's actually a big thing going on.

    >> security came in and he just was like, yep, fair enough. it was like it was inevitable. he went off.

    >> reporter: also sitting in first class, a man who knows a fight when he sees one, boxing champ oscar de la hoya who says he didn't see one.

    >> i didn't think there was no problem. alec baldwin was turning off his devices. he just got a little angry. that's about it.

    >> reporter: baldwin was rebooked on a later flight , but he took to twitter again, now on the 3:00 american flight . the flight attendants already look smarter. my words with friends user now is now #there is always united. citing privacy concerns, american airlines wouldn't comment to nbc news but did tweet back. mr. baldwin , we are looking into this. please direct message us contact information. the flight drama all ended okay. baldwin tweeted this picture from his new flight and the words let alec play speak for themselves. this morning it appears the faa is not investigating this incident. baldwin 's pr team is having some fun with it saying in a statement alec is so in love with words with friends that he would risk getting thrown off a flight to play. we're told the gaming company has already reached out to him for an endorsement deal.

    >> we've got to try this game, i've never even tried it. okay, jeff rossen , thank

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