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19-foot python breaks into Australian charity

Australian police were mystified by a chaotic crime scene including a hole in the ceiling and a smelly pool of vomit-like liquid — until they found the culprit was a 5.7-meter (19-foot) python.Full story

Mighty python! Snake slips out of French postal packet

STRASBOURG, France (Reuters) - A French post office employee had the fright of her life when a meter-long (3.3-foot) python slithered quietly out of a parcel and rubbed against her. Full story

Producer wins 'Spamalot' royalties legal victory

A producer on Friday won a British court victory over Monty Python for a bigger share of royalties from the stage musical "Spamalot," and said that despite the dispute he still found the comedy troupe funny. Full story

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College student snares record long Burmese python near Miami

Nearly 19 Feet! Longest Burmese Python Captured in Florida

Florida senator on the hunt to fight python invasion

Over 17 feet of Burmese python found


  Florida tour guide wrestles 10-foot python

People on a tour boat ride in the Everglades had a front row seat as their tour guide jumped out of the boat and started wrestling a 10-foot python. WBBH’s Rick Ritter reports from Southwest Florida.

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In this photo provided by Queensland Police, a large python slithers amongst cloths at a charity shop in the town of Ingham, Queensland Wednesday, July 10, 2013. The Australian police investigating a suspected break-in at a charity store have discovered the culprit was actually a 5.7-meter (19-foot)

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) combination photo of an 18-foot, 8-inch Burmese python
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) combination photo of an 18-foot, 8-inch Burmese python

REFILE - ADDING NEW OBJECT NAMEA Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission combination handout photo shows Jason Leon , who caught an 18-foot, 8-inch Burmese python in southeast Miami-Dade County May 11, 2013. University of Florida scientists examined the snake and found that it was 128 po