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Image: "Amanda Knox Story"
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Hayden Panettiere played Amanda Knox in the Lifetime movie "The Amanda Knox Story." The film will reair with an update now that Knox has been freed.
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updated 10/4/2011 12:03:57 PM ET 2011-10-04T16:03:57

Lifetime's movie about the Amanda Knox trial will be updated after an Italian court overturned its guilty verdict on Monday.

The network plans to re-air the movie Tuesday night.

"Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy" starred Hayden Panettiere as Knox. It aired last February despite protests by the Knox family, who felt it could sway the court as they continued to fight for her release.

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A spokesperson for Lifetime tells the Los Angeles Times that whenever the telepic is shown, it will also include several sentences updating the case, which will air before and after.

VIDEO: Amanda Knox Leaves Italy for U.S. After Guilty Verdict Overturned 

Lifetime will broadcast the movie again Tuesday night -- about 24 hours after the verdict was revealed, and as Knox remains a hot topic in the media.

STORY: Amanda Knox Verdict: Conviction Overturned

Panettiere declined to comment on the Knox verdict via her manager.

STORY: Amanda Knox's Conviction Overturned: What People Are Saying

Knox was arrested in 2009 along with a then-boyfriend for allegedly stabbing her roommate, Meredith Kercher, to death. Kercher's body was found in 2007. Knox was sentenced to 26 years in jail; of which she served four years.

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Know is en route back to the United States from Italy.

HBO recently re-edited telepic "Paradise Lost: Purgatory" after the West Memphis Three were released from prison in August.

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Video: What’s next in Knox’s legal battle?

  1. Transcript of: What’s next in Knox’s legal battle?

    ANN CURRY, co-host: For more on what's ahead with Amanda Knox let's bring in Savannah Guthrie , TODAY's legal correspondent, and also Italian journalist and lawyer Praxilla Trabattoni . She's with us from Perugia . Good morning to both of you.

    SAVANNAH GUTHRIE, anchor: Good morning.

    CURRY: Praxilla , let's begin...

    Ms. PRAXILLA TRABATTONI (Italian Lawyer and Journalist): Good morning.

    LAUER: ... let's begin with you, Praxilla , because I'm wondering, you know, with Amanda Knox now leaving the country and yet with the prosecution now telling NBC News that it will appeal, do you foresee any circumstance in which Amanda Knox would have to be forced to return to Italy ?

    Ms. TRABATTONI: Well, this would have to be a strategic choice of the lawyer. It has to be said -- I spoke earlier a few moments ago to Mr. Mignini , the prosecutor, and he said it's beyond any doubt in his mind that he will appeal and that he said consider it done. Now whether the case does get admitted it's going to be an issue. If it does and she doesn't decide to return then it will be up to the extradition treaties between the US and Italy as to whether the US allows her extradition. If she should travel back to Italy and under a conviction then she will be immediately arrested. Should she travel to another country that allows these extradition then that could happen as well.

    CURRY: All right. And so, Savannah , this raises some questions for what the United States is going to have to do.

    GUTHRIE: It does. Assuming the prosecutor appeals, as he said he will, assuming the supreme court of Italy took that case, assuming the prosecution prevailed in that appeal, then it would come over to this country. The US does have an extradition treaty with Italy ; however, there's an important caveat there. The US has to believe that there is, quote, "evidence to sustain the charge in the foreign country that wishes to extradite a US citizen ." I think there's a real question in this case whether US authorities would extradite, given the weakness of the prosecution 's case here.

    CURRY: Which raises some questions that Lester brought up about the relationship between the two countries. Praxilla , the other question I think we -- I want to ask you is something that Matt broached. He was talking about in appealing this conviction -- or this over -- appealing the overturning of this conviction, this is the same prosecutor who once called Amanda demonic, diabolical, satanic, a she-devil. I mean, do you think that there is some personal vendetta on the part of this prosecutor against Amanda Knox ?

    Ms. TRABATTONI: Well, Ann , I think there is a career here at stake. There's a life, not just one career, not just the prosecutor's and the other prosecutors that have been involved, but all of the forensic experts, the police. We saw the police lined up in court to rally their support. Everyone's very worried about the repercussions this will have on the Perugia prosecution , on the Perugia police.

    CURRY: I see. And, Savannah , the other question about that is that there is a man who's in jail convicted of murder.

    GUTHRIE: Yeah.

    CURRY: So the question that begs is, is that not -- does that not suffice? Does this thing have to move forward especially given that the victim's family, Meredith Kercher 's family, is basically saying that they feel that she's been forgotten here?

    GUTHRIE: Well, you put your finger on it. Because the Kercher family this morning said they were perplexed because they believed, based on what the prosecution and police have supplied to them in terms of information and evidence, that Rudy Guede , the man who has been convicted, whose DNA was at the scene, who acknowledged being there, they believe he didn't act alone. And so they think maybe there is someone else involved. Obviously, the Kercher family really believed in the prosecution 's case. So to the extent that the prosecution was sloppy, that the police were sloppy I look at the Kerchers as victim -- as victims all over again...

    CURRY: Hm.

    GUTHRIE: ...because they were led to believe in a case that was discredited and couldn't stand up in court.

    CURRY: All right, Savannah Guthrie and Praxilla Trabattoni , thank you both very much this morning. It is now 7:17. Once again, here's Matt.