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Video: Alleged hijacker caught after 41 years

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    >> 41 years after one of the most brazen hijackings in history, the suspect broke out of prison in new jersey in 1970 and was only just apprehended in portugal. joining me now is the special correspondent . quite a story here as well.

    >> incredible story. for decades the manhunt crossed four states and three continents from the lives of hostages on the plane. fbi agents were forced to deliver a million dollar ransom wearing only swimsuits to show they were unarmed. a most wanted killer and hijacker at a time almost forgot is back behind bars. he helped pull off one of the most daring hijackings in history. for the fbi one of the most humiliating. agents were forced to strip down and with arms in the air, show the hijackers they had no weapons. they approached the plane carryinging a suitcase and gave it to george wright who with four other gunmen was holding a plane full of hostages. the year was 1972 .

    >> five men with guns hijacked a jet today.

    >> here boarded in detroit dressed as a priest. his gun hidden in the pages of a bible. fellow members of the black liberation army also got on board. 88 passengers and crew were held at gunpoint.

    >> we would be the first to go.

    >> then good reason to take the demand seriously. wright had killed before in 1962 . in farming dale, new jersey. write with another man robbed a gas station and gunned down a world war ii bronze star recipient and father of two. he was sent to prison in and in 1970 he moved to detroit where he met up with members of the black liberation army . they practiced voodoo. that are are they studied witchcraft.

    >> and plotted the hijacking. transcripts of tower recordings detailed the negotiations that day in miami. the hijackers demanded the money comes on first before any passenger gets off. air traffic control respond the men are putting on bathing suits and going-over with the money now. they released the passengers.

    >> they brought it up by route.

    >> the plane took off for boston to pick up an entering navigator to help them get where they wanted to go. algeria. the flaf gator boarded the plane in only a swimsuit.

    >> the hijackers, three men and two women accompanied by three children.

    >> during the overseas flight, he smoked a lot of pot, even in the cockpit.

    >> they offer you any?

    >> yes.

    >> did everybody take it?

    >> everybody declined.

    >> they led wright and his fellow hijackers go free, but could not keep the million bucks. algeria agreed to return it to the u.s.

    >> give us back our $1 million and we will go somewhere else.

    >> some were caught in paris, but never found was george wright , the escaped murderer whose 40 years on the run has come to an end. portuguese authorities were arrested after u.s. marshals and officials helped track him down. new jersey prosecutors want him sent back to the u.s. to finish serving the 30 years he was supposed to serve for the past murder. the hijacking and prison escape as wright, now 68 years old sits in a portuguese jail cell. tamron?

    >> thank you very much. up

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