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IMAGE: Empire Strikes Back
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A bit of snappish dialogue between Han Solo and Princess Leia was cut from "The Empire Strikes Back," and some viewers are glad.
updated 9/8/2011 11:21:54 AM ET 2011-09-08T15:21:54

"Star Wars" fans will get to soak up plenty of galactic goodies when "Star Wars: The Complete Saga" is released on Blu-ray Sept. 16. But they don't have to wait that long for one tidbit.

Entertainment Weekly offers a sneak peek at one deleted scene from "The Empire Strikes Back," and fans are already dissecting it as thoroughly as the Sarlacc digests its prey.

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In the scene, at the Rebel base in the Hoth system, Han tells Leia she's "been so busy being a princess, you haven't learned how to be a woman" and goes on to call her "as cold as this planet."

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The princess gives as good as she gets, as always, telling Han he has "all the breeding of a bantha."

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Fans who reacted to the story seemed overwhelmingly thrilled it was deleted from the movie.

"Wow, that was horrible dialogue," one wrote.

"Yes, it is more sexually charged with more of an 'adult' tone, but it just doesn't flow," complained another.

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Still another wrote "This scene would have ruined Han/Leia for me. I don't like him calling her cold or resenting how much of her time is taken up by leading a rebellion against an evil galactic empire (the thing that made her awesome)."

Fans who feel strongly about the footage may want to check out the five stages of 'Star Wars' revisionism fan grief to determine where they are on the spectrum.

What did you think of the scene? Are you interested in deleted scenes and insider tidbits from the "Star Wars" saga, or do you only care about the original movies? Discuss with us in a galaxy far, far away, on Facebook.

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