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Video: Cheney holds nothing back in new book

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    >>> former vice president dick cheney is out with his memoir, and it settles some scores. or at least it leaves behind his version of events for history. he's sharply critical of a number of top bush administration figures including former secretary of state colin powell . here's how that sat with general powell .

    >> mr. cheney's had a long and distinguished career. i hope in his book that's what he will focus on. not these cheap shots that he's taking at me, and these other members of the administration who served with president bush .

    >> jamie kendall has conducted an exclusive interview with dick cheney . she's with us tonight.

    >> reporter: dick cheney is blunt, unapologetic, but perhaps the biggest surprise, he goes public with revelations about his old boss, including private conversations which conflict with accounts mr. bush has given. listen to the striking difference in how the two men describe the eve of the iraq war . president bush writes, i turned to the team gathered in the oval office and said, let's go. you write, the president kicked everyone else out of the oval office , looked at me and said, dick, what do you think we ought to do?

    >> that's the way i recall it. and i was giving advice, i wasn't making the decision. he was making the decision.

    >> do you think these revelations will embarrass president bush ?

    >> i don't know why.

    >> he's saying, let's go, i'm the leader.

    >> well, he was.

    >> but you're revealing that it didn't happen that way. he cleared out the office and said, dick, what do you think we should do?

    >> right.

    >> that's a very different picture.

    >> right. but then he made the decision. it wasn't my decision.

    >> don't you think it will embarrass him? that you point out the difference?

    >> i didn't set out to embarrass the president or not embarrass the president.

    >> that said, brian, this book is likely to reignite questions about just how much the decider in chief was relying on his adviser in chief along with more controversy about dick cheney .

    >> boy, is this going to get interesting. jamie gangell, thanks. we're all curious to see the exclusive interview in its entirety on "dateline" tonight at


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