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The plot of "30 Minutes" or less, starring Jesse Eisenberg and Aziz Ansari, utilizes a man forced to wear a bomb, a grim crime that's had deadly results in real life.
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updated 8/3/2011 1:25:22 PM ET 2011-08-03T17:25:22

What would the late Brian Douglas Wells think of the new movie “30 Minutes or Less?”

He’s the pizza delivery man whose tragic scenario became the concept for the forthcoming Jesse Eisenberg comedy. In 2003, Wells — who allegedly helped plan the crime — found himself strapped to a bomb he reportedly believed was fake and committed a bank robbery with two other people. By the time Wells learned the device was real, it was too late to defuse it, it exploded while he was strapped into it, and he died. All caught on tape.

Now how do you feel about “30 Minutes or Less?”

Video: Watch the '30 Minutes or Less' trailer (on this page)
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Meanwhile, another real-life episode just played out in Australia, where an 18 year-old Sydney woman was attacked and her neck rigged with an elaborate bomb by a man hoping to extort money from her father. This time bomb disposal experts removed and disabled it.

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It’s commonplace for movies and TV shows to borrow concepts from true stories, adapting and adjusting as they see fit. The various “Law & Order” programs are famous for plotlines that mirror recent — and often gruesome — incidents. And last year’s Hilary Swank-starring “Conviction,” about the lawyer Betty Ann Waters and her lifelong struggle to free her wrongly imprisoned brother Kenneth Waters from a life behind bars, left out the aftermath involving Kenneth’s accidental death six months after his release.

But those are dramas. And “30 Minutes or Less” is a heist comedy where one can safely assume that Eisenberg’s bomb-strapped innocent man not only survives the robbery but learns some lessons about life along the way.

Some comedies can take a real-life serious, even horrible event or concept and turn it into a good movie. The little-seen "Four Lions" was much praised, and it depicted the lives of some bumbling terrorists.

Story: 'Four Lions' spins hilarious jihad comedy

But this latest forcibly attached bomb plot is making "30 Minutes or Less" seem even more creepy than it already did.

Are some topics just too grisly for the movies? Will you see "30 Minutes or Less"? Discuss on our Facebook page.

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Video: Watch the '30 Minutes or Less' trailer

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