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Report: Foreclosure activity down sharply in Mass.

A new report finds that foreclosure activity continues to fall significantly in Massachusetts. Full story

California to use 'eminent domain' to stop foreclosures: ...

   "That seems to me to violate the Constitution," said Judd Gregg, SIFMA CEO, discussing the "Golden State's" plans to become the first nation to use "eminent domain" as a way to stop foreclosures.

Foreclosures decline in June from year ago: CoreLogic

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Lenders completed fewer U.S. foreclosures in June than they did a year ago, while the number of properties sitting in the foreclosure pipeline also decreased as the housing market continued to improve, data from CoreLogic showed on Tuesday. Full story

ResCap paying $198M for US foreclosure claims

Mortgage lender Residential Capital LLC is paying about $198 million to settle federal complaints that it wrongfully foreclosed on homeowners. Full story

PFT: Daunte Culpepper loses home to foreclosure

Former NFL quarterback Daunte Culpepper is apparently down to one house, after a South Florida home he bought was surrendered in a foreclosure case. According to the Associated Press, Culpepper bought the 9,867-square foot home in 2006 for about $3.6 million. He owns another home nearby, but nore th Full story

California foreclosures rise in 2nd quarter

More Californians went into foreclosure in the second quarter of this year — a blip in an overall trend that has seen more people hanging onto troubled property as home prices soar. Full story

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Carmel: Family Mistakenly Locked Out Of Home

Milwaukee considering option for some foreclosures

Ill. AG: $70M to help those hit by foreclosure

Mo. measure nullifies local foreclosure ordinances

News Summary: Home repossessions declined in June

5 States With the Fewest Home Foreclosures

Sector Snap: Foreclosure data boosts homebuilders

5 States With the Most Home Foreclosures

Cheap Detroit homes are costly for communities, unwary buyers

U.S. banks failed to follow mortgage standards: monitor


  Foreclosure rates decline in most of US

A new report shows that foreclosure filings fell in the month of June, down 14 percent from May, and were the lowest numbers in six years.

  Blatant Failures Still Exist at 5 Largest Lenders

The first official report is out on how big banks have changed or not changed their lending practices since the revelation of robosigning and other foreclosure problems, reports CNBC's Diana Olick.

  Affidavits detail art of lying to struggling homeowners by B of A employees

The All In panel continues discussion of new affidavits showing Bank of America employees were told to lie, not just to struggling homeowners, but to the government and public at large.

  Bank of America employee: 'We were told to lie'

In an absolute bombshell filing in federal court, sworn affidavits describe an intentional strategy on the part of Bank of America to systematically lie to struggling homeowners right up to the point of foreclosure. Chris Hayes details the revelations with the All In panel.

  Banks In Repo Mode

There has been a sudden rise in bank repossessions, which is the final stage of a foreclosure when the bank takes your home, reports CNBC's Diana Olick.

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A foreclosure sale sign sits in front of a house in Miami Beach
A foreclosure sale sign sits in front of a house in Miami Beach

A foreclosure sale sign sits in front of a house in Miami Beach, Florida in this file photo taken February 27, 2009.

An auction sign for a property is seen at the front garden of a foreclosed house in Miami Gardens
An auction sign for a property is seen at the front garden of a foreclosed house in Miami Gardens

An auction sign for a property is seen at the front garden of a foreclosed house in Miami Gardens, Florida September 15, 2009. REUTERS/Carlos Barria


Former employees of Bank of America say they were told to lie to customers about whether they could modify their loans to more affordable terms. They also paid cash bonuses to bank staffers to pushing homeowners into foreclosure.


A padlock and foreclosure papers are attached to the front door of a home in the Price Hill neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio March 24, 2012. REUTERS/John Sommers II