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Video: Honor student charged with pulling gun on mom

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    >> where an honors student is accused of using a stolen gun to pistol whip and threaten her mother in order to get a car. kerry sanders is in ft. myers, florida, with details. good morning. bizarre story.

    >> reporter: yeah, good morning, meredith. the 17-year-old is being held here at juvenile detention . we can't talk to her to get her version of the story but deputies say she was so desperate to buy a used car she grabbed a gun and turned it on her own mother . 17-year-old rachel was an honor student at the private and prestigious canterbury school in ft. myers, florida. but monday deputies say she so wanted a black nissan convertible on the lot at this dealership she pistol-whipped her mother . according to the police report she then pointed it at her mother 's head and stomach to force her mother to cosign the loan for the car. sean banigan was the car salesman .

    >> what was she like?

    >> i think she was an educated young lady that came in, did her research. she seemed older than she really was.

    >> reporter: did she seem anxious?

    >> no, not at all.

    >> reporter: sean said rachel first came to the lot by herself. when she found out she was too young to buy the car alone she returned with her mother on board to cosign for the car. when you hear what you now hear can you connect any dots looking back?

    >> not at all. looked like a normal car deal.

    >> reporter: rachel , seen in this picture taken from her facebook page is an athlete who's won model u.n. competitions. her mother was reluctant to press charges because her daughter is an honor student who's been accepted to several ivy league colleges on scholarship. the gun was a sig suauer similar to this one. the weapon was stolen eight months ago. who owned it? a police officer at the southwest regional airport .

    >> raising questions as to what people she's hanging out with, how did this gun get in her possession and why did she threaten to kill her mother .

    >> reporter: 17-year-old rachel is now charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill. deputies say when they recovered the weapon they also found illegal drugs and we reached out to her attorney. he said he had no comment. meredith, her mother said she didn't want to comment either.

    >> kerry sander, thank you very

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