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Through its six seasons, "Lost" built up a devoted fan base that hungered for every little reveal and debated minor and major details alike. And after the series finale aired, these same followers took to the Internet to share their thoughts on the last big reveal.

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Was the reveal fitting? Were enough of the mysteries answered? Did the finale do the series justice? When we asked msnbc.com and TODAYshow.com readers, they had plenty to say on the subject.

Thumbs up!
I hated it at first. Hated it. But after a bit of reflection, I had my AHA moment and now feel incredibly satisfied and appropriately bittersweet at the end of such a meaty show. It totally answered all I felt needed to be answered but left just enough threads dangling to keep brains percolating and discussions interesting for a long time. — Anonymous

I thought it was a beautiful ending. Personally, I wanted questions to remain after the last episode. Part of the fun of the Lost experience was the discussion and interpretation of each episode. The final episode did not disappoint. Lost has always made us think. After all, it was always about the characters and their personal journey. Well done LOST team! — Jeff Adams, Lexington, Tenn.

It was very satisfying and I enjoyed the entire 6 year run. Maybe the fact that it didn't end with as much quantum theory/Sci-Fi was a good thing. In the end it was a character-driven story of human redemption. — David Kirschke, Houston

LOVED it! It was never going to be a perfect ending that satisfied everyone, but I cried at the end and thought it was a wonderful end to a fun, sad, funny, scary, thought-provoking six year ride. I feel sorry for those who feel they wasted their time watching the show. — Anonymous

The point they were trying to make is: what really matters is the journey, not the end. And from the journey the relationships you form along the way. Thank you LOST for the last 6 amazing years. What a ride Brotha!! — Vicky Sulliman, Blue Bell, Penn.

LOST was one of the longest relationships I have ever had, and I was sad to see it go. I've had a baby and broke off an engagement during that time, but LOST was still there for me! Having said that, I was not disappointed at all, and I thoroughly enjoyed the finale. I was extremely sad, but I also understand why they did what they did with the ending. GREAT JOB!!! — Emmy Jackson

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Despite already missing the anticipation of the next LOST episode, I thought the ending was brilliantly written. I was enchanted by the reunions and the return of long gone characters and captivated by the winding down of the story line. For me, this was a satisfying conclusion. As far as having some unanswered questions, well, that's been part of the appeal of the show anyway. — Cheri Caulkins, Flagstaff, Ariz.

The Lost finale was epic! It answered the big questions, it teased us, tricked us, and ultimately it satisfied us. My heart broke to see the final moments when Jack finally closed his eyes and died. — Dwayne Harvey, Detroit

Perhaps, after watching other shows being canceled without closure, I didn't have a lot of expectations. But I thought the finale was well-written, well-acted, and gave closure to both the show and the fans (thought the same of UGLY BETTY finale too). — Nelda Farber, San Bernadino, Calif.

This finale was A+ perfect. Extremely well done from adventure to soaring heart romance to tears. Loved it. It will be remembered for the ages. And yes, I understood it! It was so much fun to watch it on the DVR and skip the commercials. — Kristen Davies, San Diego

The Lost finale was riveting. It answered enough for me and yet left ambiguity for interpretation. That's why I've always loved Lost. The writing was smart and assumed the viewers were smart. It didn't feel the need to over-explain, but left it up to us to decide what we were to get from it. — Angela Hetzler, Tampa, Fla.

I actually thought the ending was perfect and I completely get it. True you don't know how some of the characters died, but in the end they had such an impact on each other, that even in death, it was important to move on together. It was a way of giving us that happily ever after ending with out making it too perfect and unbelievable. — Anonymous

Excellent ending. I think the writers were sensitive to the fans in resolving the series. For those that might think it was a little sweet, you must remember it was fantasy after all. Life doesn't end, it only pauses. — Anonymous

What a letdown!
Grief. Anger. Loss. Disappointment. The feeling you get when your team has a great season, makes it to the big game and plays terribly. They broke all their own rules, which then throws the whole narrative into question. Maybe they didn't deserve to make it into the Super Bowl, maybe it wasn't as good as I believed it was. I want to turn the frozen donkey wheel and go back to Sunday afternoon, when great storytelling was still possible. — Alex Drelles, Tampa, Fla.

Very ho hum.  The Jimmy Kimmel alternate endings were more interesting. — Anonymous

Totally disappointing...the ending ruined the best show that was ever put on TV. — Gordana Vukadinovic, Palmdale, Calif.

If one of my third grade students brought that to me as an ending to a story, I would tell them to go back to their seat and try again. Absolute biggest disappointment on television. — Anonymous

There was no closure — no explanation of many things — no tying up of loose ends. ... It seems that two things happened with the writers. First, I think they counted on the fans to have bad memories. Second, they either lost track of the many plot lines they developed or just got too tired while writing the finale to be able to really tie things up. Had I written something this disjointed for a college class it would have been a "D." — Anonymous

I understand that many are thrilled and fulfilled with the ending and that's fantastic for you. However, I was promised answers. And when the creators of this show made that promise they should have realized that a good portion of the fans, like me, were looking for answers regarding the mysteries and sciences of the show. Many unanswered questions remain. — Liza Winkler

I thought the whole series ended up being a mess.....the first season was excellent. and I was truly into it. This show could have been awesome but ended up being something that the writers made up has they went along..I think I could have written a better ending. It just didn't make any sense. — Anonymous

A mystical drain plug??? Really?! The character closer great, the island closure CRAP!!!! — Mark Lujan

Great show till the last 10 minutes. LAME LAME LAME ending. — Jim Livesay, Minn.

I was a loyal watcher from the beginning and I have to admit I was disappointed at the finale.  I liked the reunions, of course, but there was no real closure.  It felt like you were duped the whole last season...kind of like when they make it all a dream at the end of a season. — Angela King, Landing, N.J.

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      Did the ending satisfy, or were you thoroughly disappointed?

I feel like the show and producers and creators led us all on for the past six years. I don't think I will ever trust a show again. — Anonymous

HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT. After 6 years of awesome entertainment and mystery, 2 1/2 hours of BLAH. Probably 99% of Lost fans could have told you after the pilot episode that they were in Purgatory, waiting for their final ascent into Heaven, or their descent into Hell. — Anonymous

Hey! What about ...
Wasn't anyone else wondering what was up with the "Others"? Why did they kidnap people and children? And what happened to those children anyway? They seemed to REALLY want Walt. —John Coen, Bronx, N.Y.

The finale failed to live up to its high expectations. ... (It) never answered why Aaron (Claire's child) and Walt, Michael's son (Michael being the token black guy who apparently was not allowed into heaven) were as important as the show had initially made them out to be. There was quite an emphasis on these children from the first season and to completely ignore their existence is in poor taste. — Jade Brewster, Austin, Texas

The whole notion of these characters waiting in purgatory to move on together was absurd. I felt that most of Season 6 was a waste, and the ending left many questions unanswered and only created new questions. For example, why couldn't babies that were conceived on the island survive? From where or what ancient people did the island get its source of power? — Christina Kinan, Pittsburgh

I honestly wasn't sure how I felt. I just stared at the TV after it was over trying to understand. I wondered why all the past characters were not present at the end and missed Mr. Eko especially. What happened to Miles? I had a lot of unanswered questions. Maybe a finale to the finale should be considered. — Anonymous

What big reveals were there exactly?? All I got were more questions! We never found out EXACTLY what the island is and what makes it so magical. They only revealed what the alternate reality was: purgatory, but does that mean the island was real??? They never say! — Laura Mattausch, Ariz.

Answer questions?!?!?!?!? "Everybody's dead" isn't an answer to questions. Some of those people died twice already, and the writers were raising more questions till the end of the show. The writers had no explanation for even the most fundamental questions. — Anonymous

The most important question wasn't answered, what the heck is the Island? Maybe we are not supposed to think about this question because the bigger meaning to the story is about bonding with people and LIFE itself but during the series the Island became such an important thing and they made such a big deal about "the Island" but never revealed to us what it is exactly. — Danielle Wojtaszek, N.J.

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