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Chrysler delays launch of new Jeep Cherokee by a month

DETROIT (Reuters) - The launch of Chrysler Group LLC's new 2014 Jeep Cherokee is being delayed by a month to September to resolve calibration issues with the vehicle's new nine-speed transmission.Full story

Sgt. nearly hit by car after shooting

A police sergeant who was chasing down a shooting suspect was almost struck by a stolen rental car that was taking the shooting’s victim to the hospital, Springfield police say. Full story

White lion born at Cincinnati Zoo dies at Toledo Zoo

A white lion on loan from Siegfried and Roy has died at an Ohio zoo. Toledo Zoo officials say the lion died following surgery Thursday. The zoo says the lion named Wisdom underwent the surgery to fix a back issue that threatened to paralyze the lion. The zoo says the lion didn't wake up from the ane Full story

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Jeep Cherokee 2014 production to hit full stride by September

Second former Peru president faces inquiry before campaign


  Ohio students aim for scuba record

Students at the University of Toledo are now in the process of trying to set the record for the longest continuous dive in an enclosed tank.'s Ron Allen reports.  

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The Chrysler Toledo Assembly Complex used to produce Jeep Cherokee in Toledo
The Chrysler Toledo Assembly Complex used to produce Jeep Cherokee in Toledo

The upgraded North section of the Chrysler Toledo Assembly Complex which will be used to produce the Jeep Cherokee is seen during a media tour, in Toledo, Ohio July 18, 2013. REUTERS/James Fassinger