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Day 1:  Boeing  in Everett, Wash.
Where did Matt Lauer make his first visit?
April 30: “Where in the World is Matt Lauer?” TODAY anchor Meredith Vieira kicks off Day 1 of Lauer's annual globe-trotting special feature.


  Where in the World has Matt been?
  Where in the World Am I?
Image: Giraffes in Kenya

Matt Lauer isn't the only one traveling the world! We updated our photo gallery of readers' exciting vacation photos.

Send in your pics!

  Live Search Maps: Where has Matt been?

Go globe hopping! Explore Matt's past adventures:

Live Search Maps saves you time with up-to-date, comprehensive and unbiased search results — and more. You can see amazing imagery, create custom maps and get ratings and reviews all in one place,

NBC News video
Where in the World did Matt Lauer go?
May 7: The TODAY host takes one more look at the people and places he saw along the way in this year's edition.
Where in the World is Matt Lauer?
April 10: TODAY host Matt Lauer takes a look back at his past voyages around the world.
Where's Matt today?
Join Matt on his week-long expedition around the world.
Slide show
Al Roker, Matt Lauer
  Matt Lauer: 10 Years on TODAY
Get a glimpse of some special Matt moments over the years.

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