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Submitted by Dina Bernstein
Daisy at her first Christmas. No bloodshed with the bow, but this is when we discovered that she liked to pose for the camera. Doesn't she look really photogenic?
Submitted by Diane Hudoba
Missy Poo in Sant Hat, she did not like having the hat on but held still while it was put on. Very angry look. Missy Poo in Christmas, while I was making Christmas wreaths she jumped on the coffee table right into the wreath.
Submitted by Shawna Evans
Angel (Sheltie) and Finnegan (Rat Terrier) dress up as a reindeer and a moose.
Submitted by Anonymous
Santa, all I want for Christmas is ... a day on my boat....
Submitted by Anonymous
Saki and Ping's Christmas
Submitted by Tammy Castonguay
Santa Paws is Coming to town
Submitted by Robyn Roberts
Alex and Kibby, the cutest odd couple ever!
Submitted by Christine Risley
Pepper wanted antlers instead, but they were sold old out. She thinks she is a Labradeer.
Submitted by Anonymous
Sierra and Chelsea are two dachshunds sitting on Santa's lap.
Submitted by Anonymous
Petey the PBGV aka "Stay away from the Xmas tree!"
Submitted by RaeAnne Meyer
good thing dogs arent reindeer, nothing would get done!
Submitted by Deidre O'Malley
Have you seen Santa?
Submitted by Steve and Karen Perry
Santa and her little helpers
Submitted by Anonymous
Our little Angel Momo
Submitted by David Rupert
Seasons greetings from the Rupert boys!
Submitted by Nancy Medina
Winnifred Wigglepants of Flower Mound, Texas, asks: Where's the snow?? Winnie is a 7 year old female pug who was diagnosed with encephalitis in September. She is doing very well on her medication!
Submitted by Rhonda Schuldt
Leena is a 7-year-old Exotic shorthair that I adopted from the shelter this summer. She's very easy-going. How many cats would stay still for a picture in a dress? :-)
Submitted by martina lopez
Submitted by Kajal Joshi
Tyco took a break from helping Santa for a quick photo op...
Submitted by Anonymous
Santa Puppy. Actually not such a puppy anymore. This is Chuck our 7 year old tri-color Collie. He will let me put just about anything on him. Who could resist those big brown eyes!
Submitted by Anonymous
This is Pip, our five-year-old pound puppy. This was the only time the antlers stayed on long enough to get a series of pictures, but doesn't she look adorable?
Submitted by Erika Healy
Coby the Boxer pretending to be a very unhappy reindeer!
Submitted by Anonymous
Belle and Eddie Christmas 2007
Submitted by Tammy Castonguay
Santa Paws is Coming to town
Submitted by Anonymous
At least this only last for a few minutes.
Submitted by Bill Brazeal
Marty's smile says it all. Merry Christmas!!!
Submitted by Ms C Janet Austin
Now that the presents are open, can we puhhhhhleeeeze nap???
Submitted by Anonymous
Sophie tolerates the Christmas spirit
Submitted by Charon Burns
What Santa?
Submitted by Anonymous
This is Tootsie Belle, my standard chocolate and tan Dachshund. She is anxiously awaiting her visit from Santa Paws! (And the treat she was getting after the picture was taken!)
Submitted by sandra fraraccio
Dottie lives in Charlestown, RI with Sandra and James who adopted her when she was 2 1/2 years old. Sweet and always smiling she is adored by her family which also includes two cats, Nina and Simba.
Submitted by Anonymous
Junior's look says it all: Naughty/Nice list be damned, I will get my revenge!!!
Submitted by April Gerish
It took many a treat to get Spike to stay in this position and not bat the antlers off with his paw.
Submitted by Jackie McCurry
He took out his frustration on the hat afterwards...
Submitted by Deb Sorge-Silverman
Bentley in his reindeer best!
Submitted by Anonymous
The newfoundland club of seattle was at a local tree farm helping people get their newly chooped down christmas trees back to their cars. Sometimes the newfoundland dogs would help people get their kids back to their cars as well.
Submitted by John Stump
Sparky The Bottomless Pit Merry Christmas Santa Paws Give me More Food
Submitted by Sabrina Hynd
Raiden is ready for us to start pilling up the gifts under the tree for her!
Submitted by Erin Cragg
This is Paris in her pretty pink coat and matching booties
Submitted by RaeAnne Meyer
they sure love the spot light!
Submitted by Maureen McCormack-Conrado
Krusty does not look thrilled in his Christmas outfit.
Submitted by Carole VanDeusen
This is Zenith in her favorite hat. She is a rescued rabbit who loves to dress up. She lives in the house with her two other rabbit siblings, Kibbles and Bambi who was an abandoned Easter rabbit as well. She is house broken (litter box) and all three come when they are called and love to sit with their humans and watch TV. Zenith loves to dress up and has several hats and even a Christmas dress. Zenith and Kibbles have been asked to be in the 2008 Men with Buns calendar from Bunnyrescue.net.
Submitted by Andrea Wyckoff
On the 2nd Day of Christmas, My true love gave to me... 2 Chihuahuas Dressed As Reindeer!
Submitted by Kari Kelly
This is my baby girl Clover Maine Kelly wearing her Holly Berry Christmas pajamas. Too cute!
Submitted by Denise Cox
Alice is wearing her christmas stocking!
Submitted by Liz Knight-Erb
This is Coco posing for our Christmas card photo. This is one of the few pictures where you can't actually see my hand holding a treat. It took a lot of bribery to keep the Santa jacket on. She makes a better princess.
Submitted by Anonymous
Beau Beau and Mini Mouse our Persian cats! They were so sweet that Christmas and put up with Mom dressing them up with ornaments! They were brother and sister and inseperable...two heads and one big body in a pile of sleeping cat!
Submitted by Sarah Williams-Marshall
Lola - The Incredible Horned Basset
Submitted by Barbara White
Maggie our Goldendoodle 1 year old. Merry Christmas Barbara White


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