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Buy local, think healthy — it tastes sweeter
GreenDAY: Eating with awareness is one way to reverse climate change
Do we really need so much stuff?
GreenDAY recounts a personal journey toward more conscious consumption
The new urban living: Bright lights, green city
A gallon of gas equals 20 pounds of carbon dioxide. Time to ditch the car?
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Having trouble keeping up with our increasingly organic, eco-friendly world? Let's green contributor Marisa Belger be your guide! From organic ice cream to the best in eco-conscious jeans to the ultimate in sustainable home goods, she tests and reviews the products and treatments that are best for you and the planet. 

Special feature
Go glamping!
Want to sleep under five stars — for $2,850 a night? These glam resorts take camping to a luxurious level for those who have the cash to spare.

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Image: Sponge
  Earth’s natural wonders
From snow monkeys to a sea sponge, see the planet through a photographer's lens.

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70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals
Beneath the glitz and glamour, these Hollywood hotties -- including Bradley Cooper, who wore a tuxedo made from recycled materials to the 2013 Golden Globes -- are tree-huggers at heart.

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Special feature
Image: Tablesettings
Green is the new black!
Planning a party? Here are creative ideas for eco-friendly food, drinks and fun.
NBC News
Scenes from Greenland
‘NBC Nightly News’ reports from Ilulissat, Greenland, on the alarming melt of the Greenland ice sheet.
EGY: Central Cairo
Getty Images
  World’s endangered rivers
See the rivers deemed at risk by the WWF. According to the group the rivers are quickly dying as a result of climate change, pollution and dams.
  Earth from space
Click through the highlights from more than four decades of images of our home planet, taken by astronauts in orbit.

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