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Brilliant! Woman hacks fridge to pour wine instead of water

This woman deserves a toast for her genius fridge hack that lets her dispense wine from the cooler.
/ Source: TODAY

Fashion and lifestyle blogger Clare Potts from Manchester, England, deserves a toast for figuring out one of the most ingenious hacks for wine lovers we’ve seen to date.

The 28-year-old recently discovered that her new fridge could dispense wine from the water cooler.

After realizing her new refrigerator came with a wine rack, Potts got the brilliant idea to pour the wine directly into the water dispenser. “It seemed like the best thing to do,” she told TODAY Home.

The hack was fairly simple. “I literally just poured wine in the tank that you're supposed to put water in,” she divulged. “There's a filter so it would work even better if that was removed, I'm going to test it out this weekend!”

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As for the taste, Potts said it comes out absolutely fine and perfectly chilled. “I'm not sure how long you'd be able to leave it before it started to oxidize though,” she said.

A tweet showing off her genius hack has gone viral, receiving over 68,000 shares and 180,000 likes.

While wine won’t be a permanent fixture in the cooler (“I drink a lot of water so the water cooler would come in handy,” she said), Potts plans to dispense the alcohol on occasion. “My dad and his wife came for dinner on the day that we did it. They don't usually drink but had to have a go. We're planning to use it again over Christmas.”

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