Why shipping containers may be the next home craze

/ Source: TODAY

Tiny homes have been the talk of the town for 2015, but 2016 might bring a new housing trend: homes made from shipping containers.

The new idea has been a winner overseas, with cargo containers serving as apartments in the Netherlands and as designer homes in Spain, and they’re beginning to win over millennials that are more cost-conscious.

Shipping containers are beginning to win over people looking for a cost-efficient home.TODAY

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Florida resident Tom Fox has lived in a four-bedroom, three-bathroom shipping container house. The three-story home cost him $55 per square foot, versus regular construction which would have set him back $100 per square foot. And while it may not be the most beautiful home ever built, it’s certainly one of the less expensive ones in the area.

Shipping containers are like Legos: a cheaper building block to a sturdy home.TODAY

“Millennials, recent college graduates, people that are looking at a different lifestyle,” architect Stephen Bender said. “The shipping container just fits the bill.”