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 / Updated  / Source: TODAY
By Amy Eley

Every apartment dweller who ever had an upstairs neighbor can relate to a new parody video from the comedy website Above Average.

In just under three minutes, the video focuses on one couple that devotes all hours of the day — and night — to making noise for the resident that lives in the unit beneath them.

“People think of neighborly noise as a nuisance,” says an actress in the video, which has received nearly 900,000 views since it was uploaded to YouTube Thursday. “But we think of it as an art form.”

The couple is seen rolling bowling balls, slamming chains, popping balloons, rollerblading across the floor and much, much more.

“Their ceiling is our stage,” says the actor. “And we’re dancing across it.” And they are, quite literally, much to the stress of the resident below.

“It sounds like a baby the size of a giant is learning how to walk,” she complains.

We know that sound all too well.