What works and what doesn't when removing permanent marker stains

/ Source: TODAY
By Amy Eley

The Internet is filled with recommendations for getting rid of permanent marker stains, but which ones actually work? Willie Geist, Tamron Hall and Al Roker put suggested solutions to the test.

Toothpaste to remove marks on the wall: “It looks like it’s just smearing,” Willie said.

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Hairspray to remove marks on the wall: “Don’t try that at home,” Tamron said, as the stains stayed put.

Hand sanitizer to remove marks from fabric: The stain didn’t budge.

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White vinegar to remove marks from fabric: “This is not coming out either,” Al said.

Milk to remove marks from upholstery: The stain remained.

One sure way to get rid of the stain on a sofa though? Flip the cushion over.

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