What does energy efficiency have to do with going green? Test your knowledge

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October means playoff baseball, pumpkin spiced beverages and beautiful foliage. It also means, surprisingly, the time of year when Americans start using more energy. But what does this have to do with going green?

You might think that Earth Day in April is the time to go green, but, truth be told, October is a great time, too. That’s because as the weather gets colder, we start running heating systems, which use more energy. Additionally, since the days get shorter, we use more energy to live in a well-lit world. Finding ways to use less energy – being energy-efficient – is a great way to help the environment.

Using heating systems, electronics, appliances or LED light bulbs that have earned the ENERGY STAR is a simple way to use less energy and help prevent climate change. And for October, going green can also help a person in need.

This October, when you change a light to an ENERGY STAR certified LED light bulb, companies across the country – like PG&E, MaxLite, and Target – will be making charitable donations to local nonprofits, like Habitat for Humanity, Meals on Wheels, and Massachusetts Fallen Heroes.

Take the quiz below to test your energy efficiency knowledge.