You don't have an accent? The American accent quiz will prove you wrong!

Think You Don't Have an Accent? This Quiz Will Prove You Wrong!
Think You Don't Have an Accent? This Quiz Will Prove You Wrong!Alys Tomlinson/Taxi/Getty Images / Today

If you've ever found yourself wondering "what accent do I have?" be assured of one thing—everyone has one. Most Americans don't think they have an accent, but if you've ever traveled around the country, you'll hear different accents in every corner of the USA.

We've got Southern drawls, Midwestern twangs, the hard to even describe Boston accent and countless others. And all of these accents have their nuances and differences, state-by-state, even by towns and neighborhoods.

How do you sound? Do you have the same accent as your neighbors, or are you holding on to an accent from where you grew up or went to school? 

This fun quiz, What American Accent Do You Have? tells you with a few quick questions (Do the words cot and caught sound the same or different?) and answers what your accent is, down to the city or town (at least for us!). Seriously, we passed this around the office and we are shocked at the accuracy. Try it yourself!

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