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This $10 candle will make your home smell like spring

It's the fragrant equivalent of good background music: pleasant, but not obnoxious.
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Spring is here, and while it would be great to have fresh-cut flowers out at all times, that's just impossible for most of us.

So, we set out to find the perfect spring candle.

Finding a great floral candle is harder than it seems, though. After some distinct duds (including a candle that made us unanimously nauseous), we found Yankee Candle's Magnolia & Lily candle.

Yankee Candle, Magnolia & Lily, $10, Amazon

You know how this time of year, sometimes you walk by a bunch of flowers and just catch a nice, subtle scent?

This candle is a lot like that. It's basically the fragrant equivalent of good background music: It's pleasant, but not obnoxious.

Magnolia and lily are two undeniably lovely scents to begin with, and the soy-blend wax also includes a little citrus, which gives it a nice, clean balance.

(If you want to get technical, it also has a base of jasmine and sandalwood, and also notes of honeysuckle and lemon, according to the company.)

Yankee Candle's Magnolia and Lily strikes that pleasant balance of flowery yet subtle.
Yankee Candle's Magnolia and Lily strikes that pleasant balance of flowery yet subtle.Tracy Saelinger / TODAY

The square shape is also a nice change from the typical round candle. And the lid can double as a holder to put underneath it, if you'd like, so that the lid isn't always lying around next to the candle on the counter.

You get a good amount of bang for your buck, too: The small size burns for 18 to 28 hours, or you could jump up to a medium or large size, which burns up to 38 and 80 hours, respectively.

And it keeps going, in a way.

Says one Yankee reviewer, "It has a beautiful, light fragrance perfect for spring and summer. The scent of lilies and magnolias filled the room, and lasted long after blowing it out."

Pleasant, affordable and pretty? Sounds like a winner to us!

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