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Watch single mom's emotional reaction to her furnished home after being homeless

Tiffany Clarke and her two children hadn't slept in a bed for a year — until a local volunteer organization stepped in.
/ Source: TODAY

Homelessness can create unimaginable stress for a parent simply trying to provide a better life.

In the case of one woman from Detroit, it wasn't just stress keeping her up at night — it was the actual absence of a bed.

After losing their home, Tiffany Clarke and her two children spent a year and a half living in homeless shelters and sleeping in her car.

Tiffany Clarke and her two daughters.TODAY

When the family finally got subsidized housing, they had no money for furniture, spending their nights huddled together on the floor of the bare house. Clarke told NBC's Morgan Radford that it had been a year since she had slept in a bed.

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That is, until a local organization stepped in to give them a fresh start — and a good night's sleep.


Humble Design is a Detroit-based volunteer organization started by Treger Strasberg in 2009. Using donations from local residents, Strasberg and her staff and volunteers go into bare spaces and furnish homes for families transitioning out of homelessness.

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Tiffany Clarke's daughters now have beds to sleep in every night.TODAY

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"I am addicted to that moment when the family comes home and sees that furniture for the first time and everything changes," said Strasberg. "Sometimes their chin goes down and sometimes the tears come out right away, but we all hug and we all cry because we all know that tomorrow is going to be better."

An inviting new basement for the Clarke family.TODAY

Clarke was shocked by how the volunteers transformed her home in under three hours. "Oh my god! This is pretty, this is so beautiful," she said. "I wasn't even expecting anything this pretty."

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And Strasberg knows the gift that she and her team provide for these families goes beyond aesthetics.

"It's a lot of love, a lot of kindness, dignity and respect that's offered to families that haven't had a lot of kindness and dignity and respect in the last year," she said.