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Visit Harry Potter's childhood home! Warner Bros. launches new studio tour

/ Source: TODAY

Harry Potter might be the most famous wizard in the world. But once upon a time, he lived in a cupboard under the stairs ... and soon, you'll be able to visit it for yourself.

Between May 27 and June 6, Warner Bros. will offer tours of the set for 4 Privet Drive, Harry's decidedly non-magical childhood home. Tickets for the London-based studio tour will run £35 (roughly $50) for adults and £27 ($39) for kids, with group rates also available.

Fiona Shaw, who played Harry's uptight aunt Petunia Dursley in the films, got back in character to shoot promotional footage for the exhibit.

"It's always good to be home," she said in a video posted to the Warner Bros. Studio Facebook page.

Shaw reveals a secret about the memorable scene in which Harry receives his invitation to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry — or rather thousands of them, after the Dursleys try to intercept the first one.

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"You're on this huge film, where you think there's going to be marvelous special effects. In fact, this was quite a simple effect," she explains.

"There was a man in that fireplace, and the first letter arrived because the man had a catapult, and he just sent the letter pinging out through the fireplace."

She also notes that the whole cast pitched in to clean up the letters after shooting the scene — even the famous Harry Potter.

The room of letters is just one feature of the Dursleys' "perfectly normal" home ... which is only one piece of the Harry Potter studio tour. Fans can also visit Diagon Alley, Dumbledore's office, the Burrow the Gryffindor common room and other iconic sets from the eight films.

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While 4 Privet Drive saw some hard times for Harry, it looks like a good time for the rest of us. Better catch this one before it disappears!

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