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Ultimate Halloween light show? House 'lip-syncs' to Macklemore's 'Downtown'

/ Source: TODAY

Elaborate light shows have become a holiday tradition for some devoted Halloween lovers, and each year the brilliant displays get bigger and better.

The best ones team music with well-timed light routines, and we can't image a sound-and-vision spectacular that could top this one:

Homeowner Brandon Bullis has created a half-hour display that will entertain his neighborhood every night until Halloween eve. (He doesn't want to distract from the trick-or-treaters on the big day.)

The show brings his house to life with more than one face and some mad "lip-syncing" skills — it sings Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' latest hit "Downtown."

Bullis, who has a background in electrical engineering, used more than 8,500 lights to make his vision a reality in the Edwards Landing community of Leesburg, Virginia.

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And it's more than a good Halloween light show, it's all for a good cause: There's a donation box as viewers approach the home in support of Johns Hopkins Children's Center.

This is Bullis' fifth year bringing a bit of brightness to his neighborhood.

In 2013, he gained attention for a fantastic light show set to Ylvis' "The Fox (What Does the Fox Say)."

What a show! That's one way to ensure a happy holiday.

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