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5 top trends to revamp your backyard for less than $100

Pinterest DIY expert Monica Mangin is here to show ways to give an outdoor space a major makeover on a budget.
/ Source: TODAY

Summer is in full swing, but there’s still time to tackle easy outdoor projects.

Pinterest’s Summer Entertaining Report is full of easy ideas to make your yard, deck or balcony (no matter the size!) ready for entertaining throughout the season and into the fall.

These budget-friendly makeover hacks that can completely transform your outdoor space for less than $100 each.

Stenciled pavers

Outdoor tiles are seriously trendy (with search terms up 32 percent on Pinterest_, but getting that look can be pricey. A great way to get that same luxurious feeling for less is to paint your own pavers using durable outdoor paint and a stencil.

Pro tip: Use a paint roller to evenly disperse paint over the stencil for a clean print.

Outdoor gallery wall

Gallery walls have been a huge trend for interiors in previous years, and now the look is moving outdoors with searches for outdoor gallery walls up 39 percent on Pinterest this year. At-home artists can create their own modern pieces with weather-friendly paint and plywood.

Pro tip: Lay out the pieces you want to include in your gallery wall on the ground before you place them on the wall or fence. That way, you'll be ready to hang all at once!

You can also bring the look to life with a framed vertical planter. All you need is a frame, chicken wire, moss and succulents.

Pro tip: Use small succulents so you can easily pop them in between the holes of the chicken wire, or if you don't have a green thumb, faux succulents work just as well!

Kid-friendly chalkboard

Simple projects can make even the smallest spaces feel kid-friendly. Fun ideas, like this easy outdoor chalkboard, are trending up 28 percent on Pinterest.

Pro tip: Use an outdoor hook to hang a little basket of chalk so the kids always know where it is and it stays nice and tidy.

Painted pillows and outdoor furniture

Moving the indoors outside doesn’t have to stop at gallery walls. People are also going for that cozy indoor look with furniture, with outdoor living room ideas up 32 percent.

You can get that same cozy look without pricey new patio furniture. Simply find some plain, stuffed cushions and give them a paint job, adding a colorful pop to accent pillows and umbrellas. Stay on trend this summer and try a tangerine color — Pinterest data says tangerine is the new black this season, up 42 percent year over year.

Pro tip: Foam brushes are a great and inexpensive way to get that handmade, mudcloth look that's totally on trend this year!

Make a plant wall

There’s nothing wrong with being a plant lady, and if you haven’t yet developed your green thumb yet, go for easy-to-grow plants.

Plants like aloe, cactus, succulents, snake plants and geraniums can give that pop of greenery to your space and require minimal maintenance. And it's trendy, too: Aloe vera gardening is up 67 percent this year.

Pro tip: Plan a watering day once a week for all your plants to make sure they get the water they need.

Check out these ideas and more on East Coast Creative and Pinterest’s Summer Entertaining Report 2017 board.

Monica Mangin, host of the home makeover web series "The Weekender" and a Pinterest DIY expert, is all about money-saving tips for amazing design and decor. Head to East Coast Creative's blog for more DIY decor tips, and for more details about how to re-create these budget-friendly projects yourself.