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Too little sleep? 3 places to clean to get a better night's rest

/ Source: Family Circle

Another night of restful sleep has come and gone — but could it be a lack of cleaning that’s disrupting your snoozing?

While we don’t need one more reason to keep a tidy home, here’s some incentive: Keeping your bed, ceiling fan and baseboards free of germs, dust and hair can help you sleep more soundly at night.

Danielle Blundell, senior home editor at Family Circle, stopped by TODAY Tuesday with her tips for keeping these bedroom spots clean in your home.


Pillow covers, duvets, sheets and comforters should be changed weekly, or more frequently if pets share your bed. Wash everything in hot water, and consider vacuuming your mattress before putting on fresh linens. There are specific vacuums for mattresses, but you can use any.

How to clean your duvet

Jan. 19, 201601:03

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Experts recommend changing your mattress every seven years, whereas with pillows, change them every year or so.

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In addition, swipe the areas under your bed frame and behind the headboard with a long-handled dusting tool once a week.

Ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are out of sight, out of mind. Dust collects there and can contribute to allergies.

Every other week, gently slide an old pillowcase over each fan blade. Let any dust settle, then slide the case off. Give it a good shake outside, then toss it in the laundry.


Use a damp cloth monthly (or at least seasonally) and run it along the baseboard. Because the dust might spread, it’s important to follow up dusting your baseboards with vacuuming your carpet. Make sure you vacuum your carpet every week.

If possible, adopt a no shoes rule if you can — leave them in the entryway!