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This tiny home has a genius solution for its lofted bed

This tiny home concept eliminates the need for bulky stairs or a dangerous ladder in the bed loft.
/ Source: TODAY

Tiny homes certainly make designers more creative when it comes to layout. Fitting function into a small space can have its challenges, but it when it’s done right, it can also be pure genius.

Ana White

Case in point, this gorgeous tiny home that uses an elevator loft to raise the bed up and down. Instead of having to include stairs or a ladder — that suck up square footage or become an annoyance — this innovative idea allows the owners to bring the bed straight to them when it’s time to tuck in.

Ana White

Designed by Ana White, the 204-square-foot home has at least 100 square feet of open space in the center — and one of the ways they were able to achieve this was to completely do away with the bedroom.

“A loft bed would have required stairs, consuming much space,” White explained in her blog. “So we elevated the bed using garage door sliding hardware and a garage storage lift system.”

To keep it secure, the rails have pins in them so the lift system is only used to move the bed, not support it while in use. “In addition, safety pins are installed for when the bed is in the highest position,” she said.

Ana White

An easy push of a button lowers the bed to the bottom pins, which hovers over the living area. In fact, residents can use the coffee table cubes as a step to get into bed if needed.

The rest of the home is just as carefully thought out as the bed. Sliding rustic doors on a DIY pipe rail help hide cabinet clutter but can also pop out to create a desk or table.

Ana White

There’s also plenty of storage, including in the bathroom where a closet slides out from the shower for hanging clothes. “When the shower is in use, the closet easily slides over the toilet,” White said. And when you need the closet the curtain clips over the shower head to protect clothing.

Ana White

The interior is decorated with pieces that give a modern and rustic feel to the home. Light wood and iron pipe accents are mixed with sleek black-and-white details for a scheme that’s simple yet stunning.

Ana White

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