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Taylor Swift gives tour of her California home while answering Vogue's '73 Questions'

/ Source: TODAY

If you've ever wondered what Taylor Swift's life is like beyond the stage, now we have a (beautiful) idea.

To add to the buzz around the release of Vogue's May cover story on Taylor Swift, the magazine released a new edition of its "73 Questions" series featuring the 26-year-old Grammy-winning artist.

And to add the excitement, the entire clip was filmed inside her stunning Beverly Hills home.

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In the video, the star offers an open tour of her favorite spaces — including her award-filled music room, rustic kitchen and inviting outdoor area — all while answering the interviewer's rapid-fire line of questioning.

Taylor Swift, VogueMert Alas and Marcus Piggott/ VOGUE

As it turns out, the mega-celebrity has more than one coffee machine, is a fan of wallpaper and she loves her cats — although we already knew that!

But fortunately, Swift proved there were still plenty of things we didn't know. Here's just a sample:

First song she learned to play on the guitar: "'Kiss Me' by Sixpence None the Richer."

If she could teach one subject in school it would be: "English."

Her favorite cocktail: "Vodka-Diet Coke."

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What she would order at a drive-through: "Cheeseburger, fries, chocolate shake."

The one thing she still has from her childhood: "My insecurities."

Her favorite TV show currently on the air: "Dateline."

One accomplishment she's most proud of: "My Grammys!"

Something she's always wanted to try but has been too scared to do: "Coachella."

Her spirit animal: "A dolphin because they're very social. They travel in groups."

The best (and most spontaneous) thing she's ever done: "Writing the Apple Music letter."