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Tarek El Moussa shares 3 simple tips to increase a home's curb appeal

The host of HGTV's "Flip or Flop" and "Flipping 101" gave some easy advice on how to improve your home.
/ Source: TODAY

HGTV star and "Flipping 101" host Tarek El Moussa stopped by TODAY with Hoda & Jenna Monday to talk about a few easy tricks anyone can try to immediately improve their home value. With more than 600 successful home renovations under his belt from "Flip or Flop," El Moussa has plenty of great advice for homeowners and home flippers.

1. Remove anything that doesn't work for you

His first simple tip for increasing curb appeal is to make sure to remove anything that isn't visually appealing.

"I always tell people the most important thing you need to use is your eyes," El Moussa said. "Visually, it looks bad. I would take down the fence, paint (the house)."

El Moussa renovated the front yard and removed a wire fence. HGTV

In the before photos of one house, a wire fence makes the yard look closed off and isolated, and the exterior blue paint looks faded. The photos after the transformation show the fence removed and the lawn restored with the house painted in a fresh color.

2. Keep it simple

A busy exterior can make even the nicest home look messy and cluttered.

"It's almost like less is more," El Moussa explained.

Removing large sections of brush from this home helped give a better view of the home itself. HGTV

Before photos show multiple large plants outside the home. In his renovation, El Moussa removed the giant bushes and replaced them with smaller, more minimalist options that allow for a better view of the front of the house.

"I hate blocking the view of the house, so those (plants) are the first thing I took down," he said. On a third renovation, he talked about how taking down a large tree that loomed over the house's front yard made a "huge difference."

"I didn't spend a lot of time or money doing that, but the result is great," he said.

El Moussa took down a large tree from the front yard of this home, which he said was an easy, cost-effective way to make a big change. HGTV

3. Add some color

Adding a pop of color can catch the eyes of prospective buyers. El Moussa told Savannah and Jenna that one of his favorite tricks is to add a brightly colored front door.

"The great thing about a pop of color is if someone doesn't like it, it's a really easy fix," he said.