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Tackle the toughest stains: 5 secret cleaning products you already own

Meaghan Murphy from Good Housekeeping magazine shares household products that wait in the wings to help you tackle the toughest stains.
/ Source: Good Housekeeping

Meaghan Murphy from Good Housekeeping magazine is sharing what household products are waiting in the wings to help you tackle the toughest stains.

Use baking soda for that dirty roasting pan

Still scrubbing that roasting pan’s burnt bits from last night’s dinner? Reach for the baking soda and get your life back.

Simply take about a quarter cup of your favorite dish detergent (powder or liquid) and mix it with a quarter cup of baking soda. Spread the mixture on the bottom of the pan, then fill it with hot water and let it soak overnight. Dump out the water in the morning, wash as normal and you have yourself a clean pan!

Treat stained mugs with toothpaste

Get your tea-and-coffee-stained mugs looking as good as new with a little help from…toothpaste! The abrasive texture is perfect for getting gunk out of your mugs, and even for tackling dirty faucet. Make sure that you’re using regular white toothpaste — not gel.

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Spray laundry stain remover on pesky stickers

If you have ever struggled to get those sticky price tags off of your new picture frame or ceramic mug, here is your answer: laundry stain remover. Just make sure the remover contains petroleum distillate, which is what actually dissolves the residue.

Simply spray it on the tag on the glass or ceramic and let it sit for 10-20 seconds, then clean off the solution with water.

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Why dryer sheets are your answer for everything

From dusting to tackling static, dryer sheets are your new best friends. Some effective uses for them include:

  • Dampening them to clean fan blades, dust shelves, books and plant leaves
  • Placing them in drawers and boots for a fresh scent
  • Rubbing them on the inside of coats to prevent static

Remove stains with the 'Magic Eraser'

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser isn’t joking around with the word ‘magic.’ It's a reliable product for a variety of stains. Use it to remove marks on dry erase boards (even permanent marker), to get rid of scuff marks on shoes, remove marks on floors and to brighten up your shower. Simply dampen the eraser, squeeze out the water and rub the stain until it disappears.