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T. rex makes a cameo in hilarious real estate listing photos

This real estate agent wasn't afraid to think outside of the box.
T. rex real estate listing
What song do you think dinosaurs sing in the shower?Casey Lewis of CearnalCo Realtors
/ Source: TODAY

If you’ve ever spent time looking at real estate pictures, you know they start to all look the same. Oh look, another fireplace. And there’s an island in the kitchen — groundbreaking!

But one realtor decided to make his listing stand out. To jazz up the photos of a two-bedroom, one-bathroom home in Granbury, Texas, Casey Lewis of CearnalCo Realtors had someone dress up in a T. rex costume and make cameos in shots around the house.

And the results are priceless.

“This was an idea I had years ago and just had to wait for the right client and right property to highlight,” Lewis told TODAY Home.

T. rex real estate listing
A T. rex mowing the lawn? Not something you see every day!Casey Lewis of CearnalCo Realtors

While the pictures got tons of media exposure and brought millions of views online, the media attention didn't really make a big difference in the sale. Lewis he said the home sold in just two days — way before any of the buzz around the pictures really took off.

“I did receive numerous requests for information, showings and offers after we were already under contract to sell the home,” he said.

But the T. rex certainly shows the place off well.

The kitchen is spacious enough for the dinosaur to move around freely.

T. rex real estate listing
What's that dino cooking in the kitchen?Casey Lewis of CearnalCo Realtors

The bedroom is cozy enough for the prehistoric beast to relax.

T. rex real estate listing
This bedroom is dino-mite!Casey Lewis of CearnalCo Realtors

He even fits quite comfortably in the tile shower.

T. rex real estate listing
What song do you think dinosaurs sing in the shower?Casey Lewis of CearnalCo Realtors

Of course, one of the most attractive features of the property is the water-adjacent location, which is great for dinosaurs (and humans) who like to fish.

T. rex real estate listing
The community has its own boat slip just around the corner, too.Casey Lewis of CearnalCo Realtors

The trend of T. rex costumes has seen a surge in popularity lately, especially for funny viral pieces. Last year, a bride dressed up like one to surprise her groom before the ceremony. And in 2016 a pair created a popular video series involving a T. rex attempting to perform human tasks like going grocery shopping and ice skating.

As we can tell from the latest pictures, dinosaurs are really into real estate, too!