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This man found the sweetest way to display his girlfriend's mug collection

Get ready to say, "Aww!"
Brad Davis built this display wall for girlfriend Jodi Stanowick's mug collection.
Brad Davis built this display wall for girlfriend Jodi Stanowick's mug collection.Courtesy of Ana Stanowick
/ Source: TODAY

Growing up, Ana Stanowick's mom would often bring home a new coffee mug to add to her growing collection. While the University of Arkansas student has always found her affinity for mugs to be charming, her dad didn't exactly feel the same way.

"My dad used to get so mad every time my mom would come home w[ith] a new coffee mug (she likes to collect them)," Stanowick recently wrote on Twitter.

After the couple divorced four and a half years ago, Stanowick's mom, Jodi, and her massive mug collection were ready to find a new man. And it looks like she hit the love lottery the second time around.

The 19-year-old took to Twitter this week to share a sweet photo of a mug wall her mother's boyfriend built to house that impressive collection.

This bonafide Prince Charming even got up on a ladder to help place her beloved mugs (many of which are frog themed) in just the right spot.

Many of the mugs feature frogs!
Many of the mugs feature frogs!Courtesy of Ana Stanowick

So, what inspired this true display of love?

After dating for three years, the lovebirds were ready to move in together, and Brad Davis simply wanted to make sure his lady felt right at home.

"I wanted to do this for Jodi so that she could enjoy all of the mugs every day instead of just drinking out of one each day," Davis told TODAY Style.

An up-close view of some mugs in the prized collection.
An up-close view of some mugs in the prized collection.Courtesy of Ana Stanowick

Up until then, Stanowick's mom had been storing her collection in kitchen cabinets and sometimes on the counter, so the mug wall was definitely an upgrade.

Stanowick explained that her mom's adoration for mugs started early on: "The love for mugs (and frogs) started when she was about my age. Her mom got her a frog mug for Christmas, but it broke before she could even open it. So since then it's been a tiny obsession."

Stanowick has been collecting mugs for years.
Stanowick has been collecting mugs for years.Courtesy of Ana Stanowick

Twitter users couldn't get enough of the sweet romantic gesture, and took to the comments section to applaud Davis.

Many social media users could relate to Stanowick's story.

And several people expressed gratitude for men who appreciate their wives' hobbies.

Some even shared photos of their own mug collection.

Or they shared other hobbies.

Stanowick said she's happy her mom has found someone who appreciates her passion for collecting.

"Seeing her mug wall made me so happy for her to have finally found someone who embraces her quirks instead of trying to hide them," she said.