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Start scrubbing and dusting! Spring clean with these room-by-room tips

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Spring is here and that means one thing.... it's cleaning season. From the bathroom to the bedroom to the kitchen, it's time to get every room in your house glistening in time for warmer days.


1. How often you should clean your pillows — and the right way to do it

Yes, those things you sleep on every night do need to be washed. The type of pillow you have will affect how you wash it.

White pillows on a bed Comfortable soft pillows on the bedShutterstock

2. How often you should clean your mattress

You might think you're sleeping on a clean mattress, but that's not necessarily the case. Even with a fitted sheet or mattress pad over it, things get a little dusty down there, and it's important to clean your mattress.

Person lifting up mattress from bedShutterstock

3. How often you should wash your duvet — and the right way to do it

Thanks to your duvet cover, you only need to clean your actual duvet every five to 10 years.

How to clean your duvet

Jan. 19, 201601:03

4. How often you should wash your bedding — and the right way to do it

Sure you wash your sheets, but did you know there's actually a right way to clean your bedding? In order to get rid of all the sweat, body oil and skin cells we leave behind in our bed, everything from water temperature to drying time matters.


5. How to clean your closet in minutes

Cleaning out your closet can be stressful. It's never easy deciding what to keep and what to toss. However, in just a few minutes you can actually make a dent in the cleaning process.

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6. How to clean your bedroom in 15, 30 or 60 minutes

Whether you have 15 minutes or an hour, there's really no excuse not to clean your room. We've broken down the cleaning process to fit you time constraints, so that you have no reason not to get the job done.

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7. How often you should clean your toilet — and the right way to do it

No one wants to do it, but someone has to get the job done. The good news is cleaning the toilet doesn't have to be a terrible task if you know what you're doing.

8. How often you should clean your shower curtain — and the right way to do it

Yes, that thing that lives in the bath needs its own scrub every once in a while. A little mildew doesn't mean your shower curtain needs to be chucked. Instead all it needs is a good cleaning.

9. Easy-peasy cleaning tips for a spotless bathtub shower

The place that you get clean every day could use its own wash every once in a while. Shampoo, soap, body wash and shaving cream can build up scum and mold and it's important to get rid of it.

Philosophia/Aflo/Score by Aflo/Getty Images / Philosophia/Aflo/Score by Aflo/Getty Images

10. How to clean your makeup brushes

You definitely don't want to put a dirty brush on your face, as we all know what that can lead to when it comes to our skin. Try cleaning your makeup brushes once a month.

Paul Hakimata - / featurePics

11. How to clean your bathroom in 15, 30 or 60 minutes

As much as you hate cleaning your bedroom, the idea of cleaning the bathroom is worst. However, it doesn't have to be.



12. How often you should clean your oven — and the right way to do it

It might seem like a hard task, but we promise it's not. In fact, you can clean your oven overnight.

How to clean the oven

April 5, 201600:56

13. How often you should clean your dishwasher — and how to do it

That thing that's responsible for cleaning your dishes, pots and pans actually needs its own good cleaning. However, cleaning your dishwasher is easier than doing the dishes. All it takes is three steps.

Shutterstock / Alexander Raths

14. How often you should clean your garbage disposal — and the right way to do it

There's no denying that the thought of having to stick your hand down the garbage disposal to clean it is slightly terrifying. However, you don't have to resort to your bare hands to get the job done.

Alena Ozerova / Shutterstock

15. How to clean your coffee maker

If you notice your cup of morning joe tastes funny, a dirty coffee maker might be to blame. Give it a thorough cleaning once a month for better tasting coffee. Your taste buds will thank you!


16. Find out how often yo should clean the microwave

We all know what happens when you microwave a saucy dish. It splatters everywhere, leaving the microwave looking like a mess. Give your microwave a wipe down once a week to keep things clean.


17. How often you should clean your dish brush — and the right way to do it

Dish brushes are said to be better than a sponge when it comes to trapping in bacteria, but that doesn't mean they don't need to be cleaned. In fact, in just three steps you can clean your dish brush, giving you even cleaner dishes.


18. How to clean a refrigerator in 15 minutes flat

A dirty fridge can be quite yucky and smelly. However, it doesn't take long to get it looking and smelling clean thanks to this step-by-step guide.

Shutterstock, Featurepics

19. Clean your stove grates while you sleep with this 3-step hack

Dirty stove grates shouldn't be a hassle to clean. Skip the endless scrubbing all together with this hack that cleans them overnight.

Samantha Okazaki / TODAY

20. How to clean your kitchen in 15, 30 or 60 minutes

We promise no amount of time is too little when it comes to cleaning the kitchen.


Living Room

21. How to clean your living room in minutes

From the blinds to the fan to remote control to even the floor, cleaning your living room can be done in minutes. This guide breaks down all of the cleaning tasks, so you can figure out what's feasible depending on how much time you have.

Beautiful living room in luxury homeShutterstock

Laundry room

22. How often you should clean your washing machine — and how to do it

The washing machine might be what gets your clothes clean, but after a while all of the laundry soils, detergents and hard water minerals start to build up and the machine could use its own good washing.


Rest of the house

23. How to clean hardwood floors 101

A Simple cleaning might be standing between you and glistening hardwood floors. The type of finish your floors have will determine how you clean them and it's important to take care of them accordingly.

mariakraynova / Shutterstock / mariakraynova

24. Dirty walls? Here's how to safely clean them

A fingerprint on a painted wall is certainly nothing to cry about thanks to these cleaning tricks that will leave your walls looking like they have a fresh coat of paint.

Nicole Hill Gerulat / Nicole Hill Gerulat

25. How often you should clean vent covers — and how to do it

Cleaning your vents once a month could get rid of those dust halos that never seem to leave air conditioning or heating vent covers. Who knew it was that easy to get rid of them?


26. Clean your blinds in 1 minute or less with this 2-step hack

Grab a sock, white vinegar and water and you're on your way to having dust free blinds.

Samantha Okazaki / TODAY

27. How often you should clean your windows — and the right way to do it

A dirty window is enough to make a sunny day seem suddenly cloudy, but even this isn't always enough motivation to get you cleaning. However, cleaning your windows isn't necessarily as daunting as a task as it might seem.


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